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Inter Island Travel - Cape Verde Island

Cheryl Thomas - Thursday, August 10, 2017
Inter Island Travel - Cape Verde Island

There are a number of things to consider when looking to travel betweeen or on different islands. Your choice of travel arrangements will depend on how much time you have.

Arriving at an airport or port:

If traveling between the islands, when you arrive at some airports or ports you may sometimes be greeted by eager locals wanting to carry your bags. Be careful for two reasons, one you don’t know who they are and two (even though they may be wearing yellow tabards or whatever), if they pick up your bags or get you a trolley to take them to your taxi or arranged transport, they will ask you for a payment. Take care of bags and personal goods. Note: this doesn't always happen, its just something to be aware of as this has happened to a few people, mainly when traveling alone between islands.


If you are not being met by someone at an airport/port you will need to get a taxi to take you to your accommodation. There will be a number of taxi drivers waiting to take you to where you are staying, many drivers don't speak English so have the information of where you are staying written down or have a map showing directions. Taxi cabs should be clearly identifiable. When booking your accommodation confirm with them how much a taxi should cost for the time of your arrival to take you to the accommodation. Prices are usually more expensive at night. Always ask the taxi driver how much it is for the taxi to your destination before you get in, get them to agree the price, if they don't tell you and encourage you to get in, find another taxi!


Local mini bus transport is provided by an Aluger on some islands. There is one that operates outside Sal airport, you will need to make a short walk to the main road and one will stop for you if they have room to take you and your luggage. Cost 1euro into Santa Maria (they may not operate at night). The Aluger system does not operate outside the airport on Boavista. There are Alugers at ports on other islands and the costs vary due to distance from pick up to your destination.

There is some other info about taxi's under the various island reports.

Boats and Ferries

There are a number of boats and ferries that can transport you between the islands, however some will be faster than others and then a few more comfortable than others. There have been a few problems over the years with travel by boat, so best to contact travel companies who can provide you with more up to date information on whether it is better to fly than sail between islands.

Inter-Island Flights

We've had TACV, Halcyonair and Cabo Verde Express operating with a few planes between the islands over many years, but their services has incurred some operational difficulties. The new kid on the block as they say is 'Binter Cabo Verde'.

The great news is that as of 2016, Binter Cabo Verde, part of the Binter group who have been operating flights between the Canary islands and extending their international flight operation,such as between Cape Verde to the Canaries that started in 2015, have set up another service between some of the islands in Cape Verde that have airports that can accommodate the landing and take off of their planes. Even better news is that the planes are maintained to a standard they offer elsewhere. they have more planes, have a great record for being on time and their flight prices are very competitive.


Binter Cabo Verde

Barracuda Tours

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