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Why we are stopping applying for RESIDENCE - by Y and D

Cheryl Thomas - Saturday, October 25, 2014
Why we are stopping applying for RESIDENCE - by Y and D

Myself and my husband are regular visitors to Sal Island, Cape Verde, sometimes visiting for 3 or 4 times a year, mostly for long periods at a time as we own a property on Sal. I've explained below, the reasons why we are now looking at Multi Entry Visa's instead of 'Residence'. Read on:

For 4 years myself and my husband have applied and been successful in gaining RESIDENCE which we have processed here on Sal. For the first 2 yrs we paid someone to help us with the processing of paperwork but then decided we could do it ourselves if we were here for a lengthy period. NOTE: Although the Residence lasts for 5 years you still have to have it re-stamped annually.


This year we both went to the Police station in Espargos (October 2014) with copies of all last years paperwork but no, this year they want 12 lots of information, finger prints AGAIN and the application form for the stamp!!!!

This information now includes 3 lots of Police checks, a medical, finance check to name a few things, all of these cost extra money on top of the 50 euros for the stamp – 26 euros for finanza, 5 euros for Police check etc etc.

The list of documents requested by Police in Espargos when applying for 12 month Residence is below. A number of documents will also need to be notorised.

1. Request addressed to the Hon Mr Regional Police Commander of Sal. (Letter written in Portuguese)

2. Completed form

3. 1 x passport photo

4. Proof of the existance of economic resources in CV - means of subsistance (Bank Account funds in a CV bank account)

5. Criminal record of CV

6. Police record of National Police

7. Police record of Judicary Police

8. Medical certificate (obtainable from hospital)

9. Travel document - valid passport

10. Fiscal situation declaration of finance (From Finanza - which shows you don't owe any outstanding taxes)

11. 2 x copies of residence card

12. 1 x copy of passport

13. Any other required documents (that the the Police may ask you to provide);

As well as the additional cost, you have to go back to Espargos, more taxi's to different offices and can take several visits or more, time we don't want to spend on our holiday getting hot and bothered and more frustrated!..... they say: NO STRESS CABO VERDE!

Yes stress!

Those that haven't experienced applying for Residence won't understand that the process is very time consuming. Not only could you be told to come back the following week for one thing or the other, or on different times or days for this or that. Then when you go back to Espargos when told to go collect something (any of the various documents), that there will probably be another delay or you will be told to come back again the next day etc. It's unbelievably frustrating.

We have now decided enough is enough. We will either contact Jonathon Lux in London (HC to Cabo Verde) or spend a day in Lisbon to visit the Embassy there to enquire about a Multi Entry Visa - these visa's are different, they are cheaper and there is less running around for us gathering information. In comparison the Multi Entry visa from Lisbon is the better deal, 1 year for a multi-entry – visits lasting up to 90 days with the visa costing 85 euros. We will take note of Alyson's blog about her experience of getting her visa in Lisbon.

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