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News 2017 - Websites - Expats Cape Verde and Cape Verde Tips

News 2017 - Websites - Expats Cape Verde and Cape Verde Tips


The Expats Cape Verde website was set up in 2008 to provide an additional service and information to Expats living and working in Cape Verde. It was aimed at English speaking people who wished to use this service to communicate or advertise. ‘Expats’ includes people from other countries other than the UK.

The Expats website is due to be partially incorporated within the Cape Verde Tips website in 2017. It is expected that the Expats Newsletter, Blogs and some other information will be transferred over to Cape Verde Tips.

A fortnightly Expats Cape Verde Newsletter commenced circulation in December 08 and later it became a weekly newsletter. Information within the newsletter included links to blogs, national news links, advertisements, visa contacts, occasionally info on Restaurants and Bars and other businesses.

Information was dependent on what subject matter and information was supplied to us, occasionally it also included some info from received from Expats on other Cape Verde islands. Most of the local information is/was about Sal Island. Expats and investors subscribed to receive the newsletter and the registration list has grown.

While working on updating both the websites, additional time was needed to produce a blog, news links, newsletters and update pages with text and images and make sure everything looks how I want it or as it should after sorting out any errors. There was also a need to learn how to re-format templates and other sections within this Adobe Management System which I still only knew a fraction of how it worked. Those blogs and articles written or forwarded by others, made work a bit easier.

See update - April 2019: 

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News 2019 - Websites - Update April 2019

It was announced in early 2018 that the Adobe Management System that I use for both websites would cease in 2020, so having already paid for an upgrade of the Cape Verde Tips site in 2017, a new management system wil.. +

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