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Yellow E Business Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

It always helps if you know a little more about a place before you arrive especially if staying in self catering apartment when you need to buy bread, butter, milk and water and some other necessary items like toilet rolls. You'll need to know where to find the nearest shops to where you are staying. A number of businesses below may have active links to further information.

Convenience store

Casa de Tanche - Wind Shop

The Wind Shop, with proprietors Linda and Tanche has now moved to 'Casa Tanche'. It's situated 25m past the Sab Sab hotel, 2nd line (before Budha Beach).
Sal Island 
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Fresh meats, cheese, wines, tinned food


We have some great wines, cheese and hams, all fresh. We also sell other food, snacks and drinks. We're situated along Rua Amilcar Cabral..
Santa Maria, Sal Island 
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Cape Verde Islands

Carry out research and find out more about Cape Verde and the islands, before booking your holiday.

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Visa Options

There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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