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Buying Furniture in Cape Verde

On Sal there are:

- local carpenters that can make some furniture
- some developers that sell furniture packs that are imported from other countries.
- a number of Italian furniture importers, some that also sell kitchens
- Italian furniture maker
- an English importer of furniture
- some stores that sell furniture or electrical goods, but you have to shop around.
- some excellent quality furniture
- some expensive furniture
- budget furniture buys to suit your needs and purse
- some imported items from China

On islands such as Santiago and Sao Vicente, there are more furniture importers and carpenters, often the local carpenters on these islands are less expensive than shop bought furniture. On some of the less developed islands there may be fewer local carpenters and no furniture suppliers. You could possibly contact those on Sal or Santiago and order furniture and have it sent to another island by boat, but check the cost of this with an importer. On islands such as Sao Vicente and Santiago, it will probably be difficult to find furniture suppliers that will provide you with furniture packs. There are not many on the other islands that have websites or who can deal with your enquiry in English. On some islands, items that you purchase for your apartment can be twice as expensive as the UK.

If you are renting out your apartment you will have to give some thought to furniture items being damaged and the need to replace those items. You need to decide these things before spending your money on items you may not need or which are more expensive to replace.

Some furniture pack suppliers will also sell items individually. Those who don't want to buy a furniture pack can buy items according to their needs and budget. Those who like and want to enjoy out-door cooking may also be able to buy a BBQ. Some of the large developers will only permit the use of gas BBQ's, these are now available on some of the main islands from different suppliers, but at varying costs. Standard BBQ's using bbq coal, ones that you can buy at some of the budget store chains in the UK or Europe are available in some shops on Sal, but you may end up paying 3-5 times more than you would for one in the UK or Europe........maybe prices may come down in the future!

One of the British company that imports furniture can provide you with funiture packs or individual items of furniture, some fixtures and linen, lighting and gas BBQ's at reasonable prices and of good quallity. It may be possible for items to be shipped over from Sal to other islands.

Buying property un-furnished or furnished

Whether it is a new property or re-sale: check what furniture, fixtures and fittings are being included and what is being excluded in the sale and get your lawyer/solicitor to get it in writing. Again, why not haggle over the cost of furniture.


Some developers may have conditions relating to lettings and funiture packs. You may want to go along with the rental scheme they are offering. Some rental schems will offer you 5 weeks use of your apartment each year if you sign up to their letting agreeement. In this case you may not be able to buy anything other than what they say you can have in that development, no extra fold up beds etc or different linen. If you do install something other than what was agreed you may have to pay for an item to be removed.

If you are going with the developments renting scheme, check the arrangements for replacing damaged goods, is it a shared cost between you and the rental scheme or will it come out of your share of the rental income?

Those that do not choose the developments rental scheme can arrange to buy their own furniture and kitchen items.

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