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More Information Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde Tips - Useful Information

On the right side of the page you will find links to new 'island pages' that are being updated as information is provided to us. A number of Expats, visitors, property and business owners are providing information for those island pages ane we hope to develop these pages further.

There are obviously other websites and books which you can look at which will provide more information on the culture, diaspora, nature that we may only touch on within this website, but every source of information you come across will hopefully provide you with the information you seek.

Cape Verde Tips - 'Quick Links'

Here you will find a set of links to pages that provide some general and useful links to further information. Some include 'tips' and experiences of others who at some point have stayed on the islands.

On many of the pages throughout the website we have other 'Quick Links' which are situated at the bottom of the pages, these may include pdf's and FAQ's.

'Quick Links'

General - Banks

General - Holiday Accommodation

General - Out and About Shops

General - Vetinary Surgeon

General - Dogs Cats Cape Verde

General - Weather

Health Care

Health Care Sal

FAQ - General - About General Info

FAQ - Visiting Cape Verde

FAQ - Visa's

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Info - 1

General Info - 2

Employment Institute of National Social Security (INPS)

Investing in Property

Fishing - Santa Maria

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Visa Options

There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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