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Water Sport Activities Cape Verde islands


Water Activities

Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Water Sports Cape Verde Islands
Fancy a go at some -Water Sports

A number of islands offer a range of water sports activities for sporting and non-sporting enthusiasts. There are opportunities to go deep sea fishing during the day, fishing from shore either in the day or at night, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, on a jet ski and more from a few of the islands. Make sure you do your homework to find out what each island has to offer.

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Water Sports

Water Sports activities are more popular on Sal Island and Boavista Island where there is range of water sports activity centre's for tourists and athlete's to visit for scuba diving, deep sea fishing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and more.

There are more water sports centre's operating along the main tourist areas such as Santa Maria on the island of Sal and Estoril Beach on the island of Boavista. Sal Island and Boavista Island will have about 80% (estimated and excludes sports fishing) of the current water sports activity centre's throughout Cape Verde, mainly because they are the main tourist destinations in Cape Verde. Most will have a full range of equipment for different levels of skill and ability and sizes, or you may want to be bring your own equipment. There are preferred places to dive, kite or windsurf on the islands, check them out on Trip Advisor and contact operators for more information.

If you are looking for information on Sal Island please refer to the links on the right under 'What's On Sal Island' or click here on Sal Island Water Sports Activities.

There are other centre's that will be situated in different locations and on other islands such as Sao Vicente and Santiago. There may be fewer activities on the smaller islands. A number of water sports centre's operate out of hotels and resorts on the different islands but there may also be other centre's operating independently from hotels.

If you are looking for information on water sports or other activities on some of the other islands and if you can't find what you are looking for on this website or searching online, it would be best for you to contact your hotel or accommodation where you will be staying, as they would be in the best situation to advise on whether tours or activities are in operation and where on the island. Your contact at the accommodation may also be able to provide you with additional information if they have it available.If you are booking accommodation directly we would suggest that you email the accommodation in your own language but also translate it to Portuguese. In addition to this visit Trip Advisor, they may be able to provide information on other operators offering activities independently to those in hotels or resorts on an island. We will also provide some useful links to other resources on this website.

For those looking at having a great experience please also consider the languages spoken by staff members at any water sports centre and whether they cater more for speakers of one language than others e.g. if it is a Chinese Dive Centre they may cater in the main for tourist from China and the staff may not spend a lot of time talking or explaining things to youin your native tongue when out on a dive, or you may want to ask about making other arrangements or if there is a more suitable group, or look for another dive school. Check out reviews on forums and websites as well as Trip Advisor.

There are those that still require flight only travel and then make their own separate arrangements for accommodation on the islands.

Whatever your preference, we hope you will enjoy your visit to the islands.

Other Activities can be found on the islands. The main islands that are poplular with tourists will have alternatives to water sport activities. The sub menu below has further 'general' information on some specific activities that take place on a number of islands within Cape Verde.

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Trip Preparation
  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Money

  • Travel Insurance

  • Medical cover

Climate and Clothing
  • Winter - at least one long trousers and a jumper

  • Comfortable walking shoes (flat), thick soled flip flops or sandals

  • Sun lotions, after sun and Mosquito repellent (can be expensive) Hygiene wash gel/wipes.

  • Unlocked phone if wanting to use local sim

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