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Shops and Services


Tourist Entry Visa

Postponement of waiver of TEV to January 2019


Sal Island

Sal has been developing as a popular holiday tourist destination. Most of the main hotels are to be found in Santa Maria on the south of the island. This is where you will find the main shopping area, eating places and bars.

There are furniture suppliers and showrooms, shops that sell household goods, Chinese stores that sell imported goods from China. 

New shops, cafe's restaurants and bars are opening to target the tourist market. There are two markets in Santa Maria, one along Rua Agusto 15, the other several streets away from the beach. The latter is a larger building occupied by businesses as well as those selling fruit and vegetables. There is also a catering school within the building, they intend opening a small cafe in the near future. Many of the commercials in the building are now occupied. The building has two floors.

In Santa Maria you will find:

A large shoe and bag shop
Mini Mercados'
Medium sized supermarket
Paint shops
Maintence services
Electrical, Plumbing and Hardware
Many Chinese shops selling various items, some sell food.
Massage facilities
Beauty Salons
Mortgage Brokers
Clothes shops
Internet cafe's
Household Goods and Accessories
Electrical Goods
African goods
Petrol Stations

There are a number of internet providers on Sal:

Mini Mercados

Some of the newer food stores are importing items such as brand names of baked beans or mayonnaise. Deli's have some lovely meats and cheeses brought over from Portugal or Italy.

In Espargos, the capital of Sal island you will find more shops, some sell items slightly cheaper than shops in Santa Maria.

Maintenance and Materials

There are a range of service providers to carry out work. Some individuals will work on a self employed basis or cash in hand, others will have officially set up their business. It is always best to ask what jobs they have worked on.

There are a few main suppliers in Santa Maria that will sell tools or provide key cutting services as well as paint, paint brushes etc.

There are others that can also carry out bigger jobs such as painting a block of apartments, whether they have all the equipment to do this will need further enquiry.

Shop online

You may like to shop online, from Sal or for friends to bring you items out when they visit you.