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Adventure tours and Activities on Cape Verde islands


Things to Do

Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Travel Activities and Excursions Cape Verde Islands
Looking for -Activities Tours and Excursions

There are a number of tours and excursions on the islands, some on land, some on the water. There are also inter-island trips you can make, a number of these will operate from some of the islands and can be organised before you arrive. There are inter-island flights operating between many of the islands. Where there are no island airports, you can travel by boat or ferry.

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Island Activities


Holiday in Cape Verde where you can relax or participated in activities and tours on the Cape Verde Islands.Try deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sailing, horse riding, hiking, quad bike or car hire, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or an island tour and more. You can learn more about turtle patrols from Turtle Rangers and from some islands, go sight seeing for whales, or star gazing at night. You may also wish to island hop and see other islands.

Activities on an island will vary. The reasons for this will be due to a number of islands having rugged and rocky coastlines with mountains and deep valleys, compared to the flatter and sandy coastlines of other islands. The mountainous islands will be of interest to walkers, climbers, nature seekers and some off-shore fishing enthusiasts. The white sandy coastlines will attract water sports operators, more sea vessels, water sports enthusiasts and the like. Most of the islands will also have tour guides and operators who will be keen to show you what the islands have to offer. Tour operators can also organise inter-island and international travel. If you are looking for activities on Sal Island, follow the categories under the side menu on right for 'What's On Sal Island'.

Which Island to choose

If you are unsure which island to choose please do some research. I still hear of people who thought Cape Verde was one large island, or Sal was on Boavista, or asking if it was best to stay on Sal or Santa Maria (not realising Santa Maria was actually on the island of Sal).

If you are looking for 'things to do' outside your hotel, and the deals the 'Tour Operator' offer you at the 'Welcome Meeting', you will find a number of tours and activities available at a cheaper price with other service operators/providers outside of the hotel. The tours may differ and may be for longer or shorter times but you can research this online to see what others have commented about them, on sites such as 'Trip Advisor'. You may want to check that operators have licences and insurance cover for carrying passengers or for operating a business or service.

Those travelling to Cape Verde may like to seek out further information online or view more information provided on this website.

The white sandy beaches on Sal and Boavista islands will also welcome those looking to soak up the sun and bathe in the cool and warm waters surrounding the islands.

Whether looking to relax, enjoy the beaches, prefer walking or water sports activities then Cape Verde is somewhere you should consider visiting. The mountainous islands of Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau and a few other islands may not be suitable for sun seekers looking to relax on the beach, but they are attracting more people who enjoy walking and more active mountain activities such as Trail Running, which in this video took place on the island of Santo Antao.


There are those who may be looking for more leisurely, family or individual activities such as horse back riding, wind surfing, quad bike excursions or just want to go on island tours, while others may be interested in organised evening trips to look for turtles who come ashore to lay their eggs (seasonal).

Not all the islands offer the same activities, so make sure you know what activities are available on the island you intend visiting.

Ocean activities

Sal Island is the main tourist island and is popular with many wind and kite surfing enthusiasts in the winter. Boavista has a number of water sports centres which can also provide lessons for beginners or hire out kit to those who have experienced the activity previously. Scuba Dive centres are also located on these islands so its good to do some research online to see if there are 'wind surfing holidays', 'scuba diving holidays' available in Cape Verde before you book, as some activity operators here have partnerships with organisations in other countries and you may prefer to organise your holiday through one of those. However, many people make their own arrangements and search the web to see what is available on each island before or after booking their holiday in Cape Verde.

In addition to this, some island activities may include jet ski's, banana rides, sea bob, fly-jet, deep sea fishing, sailing trips and more. The menu list below links to general information about each activity within Cape Verde, specific links to Sal Island activities are listed on the right of this current page.

Deep Sea Fishing in Cape Verde Shore fishing on Cape Verde Islands Surfing in Cape Verde Diving and Snorkling in Cape Verde Sailing and Yacht Excursions in Cape Verde Leisure and Fun in Cape Verde

Land activities

Again, activities may differ on each island. Most islands will have someone offering island tours, either by vehicle (bicycle, Segway, quads, scooters, 4x4's),on foot or on horses. There are more activities currently available on Sal than other islands. There are shark tours, turtle tours, visits to a Garden and Petting Zoo (Sal), dune tours, sight seeing tours, shore fishing (day or night) and more.


Travel between islands can be done by air or sea. There are some ferries operating between some of the islands across shorter distances while boats to some islands may take 8-15hrs, the latter maybe cheaper than a flight but generally not a pleasant or comfortable experience. Not all islands have airports.

Tour Operators

There are a number of Tour Operators who can organise inter-island trips for a day or a few days. These trips should be booked in advance as there are not that many internal flights and local residents will book their holidays in advance to see family on other islands especially during holiday periods. The same tour operators can also provide you with a list of activities they promote on the different islands.

Tours - Excursions


Trip Preparation
  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Money

  • Travel Insurance

  • Medical cover

Climate and Clothing

  • Winter - at least one long trousers and a jumper

  • Comfortable walking shoes (flat), thick soled flip flops or sandals

  • Sun lotions, after sun and Mosquito repellent (can be expensive) Hygiene wash gel/wipes.

  • Unlocked phone if wanting to use local sim

What's On - Sal Island

What's On - Cape Verde



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