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Investing Cape Verde

Investing in Cape Verde

Within the information on Investing in Cape Verde, there are articles related to property and Investing Abroad / Investing on Sal Island / Business Incentives-2011  / Investing in older properties and links further info below.

There is also information about furniture suppliers, Insurance Services, Annual Property Tax and other legal matters or issues for consideration.

Within each of the opened pages below there are further text links to other web pages or literature.

Thinking of retiring or moving here to live?

Have you visited the islands? .......... Do you know which island you prefer? ..........Have you spent enough time on an island before? ...... Do you know about the medical and health provision on the island? ...... Will you need medical cover?...... Have you met people and talked to them about living here?

Investment options

You may decide to buy property in a busy community or in a resort. In most cases the condominium and other fees will differ between properties, depending what you are looking to buy, you can ask about annual fees while making your enquiries. The quality of build will differ, that is something you need to look into. There are some properties for sale in resorts,  some are older resorts like the one at Murdeira Village on the west coast of Sal, which was built pre-2010, while newer resorts like Melia Tortuga and Melia Dunas were built post 2010. Those that buy property in main tourist areas will find a choice of new and re-sale properties available.

Investment Considerations

Investing - Property

Investment - Choosing-what-is-right-for-you

Investment - How-Do-You-Know

Investment - Insurance-Intasure-Holiday-Homes-Abroad

Investment - Land Management for Investment Project

Investment - Legal-issues-IVA-IUR-2009

Investment Opportunities - Cape Verde-2009

Investment - Electra - bank transfer-2013

Investment - Setting up a Business 2009

Property Rental Agencies

Most investors are buying property on islands that are currently being developed for more tourism. More resorts and apartments are being built on those same islands. Where there are properties for rent and tourists looking for accommodation there will be a number of rental agencies looking to rent out your property or looking for tourists to rent it, by advertising your property on their websites.

Investing - Property-Reality-not-Realty

Investing - Property-Rental-Apartments-Villas

Property Management

A number of Property Rental Agencies also provide management services. Contact the different agencies but also seek information about these agencies offering this or other services on an island, by asking property owners about their experiences with one or more agencies. You may find that there will be a number of different experiences, but then at least you can decide on whose service you would want to use.

Investing - Property Management-Service

Shops, Services and Suppliers

There are numerous 'Chinese Loja's' selling imported goods from China including household items and electrical goods. Those purchasing electrical goods from the Chinese Loja should be aware that items will not carry any European Safety Test emblem, so caution should be a factor before purchase. A number of shops have been opened by Europeans on the main islands, which sell items imported from Europe or other countries, which I hope will meet safety and quality standards. On the less populated islands there will be fewer shops, services and suppliers.

Furniture - Home Furnishings

For those looking for furniture and furniture packs, a few suppliers will have imported items from the UK, Europe or sourced furniture from Indonesia or other Asian countries. These suppliers will have paid import tax on the goods, therefore you should expect to pay a higher price.

Shipping goods

Some investors had chosen to ship goods over in a container to Cape Verde. Others who visit will bring items over on the plane or ask friends and family to bring items over on their behalf, these could include small or lightweight items of furniture, soft furnishings, electrical goods or other items. Where possible we shall include some comments from other people's experiences.

Real Estate Agents/Agencies

A number of people will come to Cape Verde and look at property while they are here. There are a number of Agents and Agencies based in offices on the islands, some with more property for sale on the island on which they are situated, then fewer on some of the other islands. Again, there are more Real Estate Agents/Agencies based on the main tourist islands. There are also agencies in the UK and other countries who advertise properties for sale in Cape Verde, so you can go online and see what is for sale on which island.

Investing - Property-Rental-Agencies

Investing - Property-Seller-Developer

FAQ's - Tips

Here you will find a number of comments and questions, all of which were mainly obtained from people's experiences over the last 10+ years relating to investing in property here in Cape Verde. They are not meant as guidelines, everyone's experiences will differ and those in similar circumstances may say that something else happened to them or everything went smoothly, however, there are things that some people may want to read and think about, but it doesn't cover everything you need to consider, that would be impossible!


Legal Issues - FAQ 2006

Internal - Quick Links

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Investing in Property

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