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Investing - Property-Rental-Agencies

Rental Agencies

There are a number of Cape Verde property rental agencies on Sal and Boavista Islands. Some are run by Italian, French or English speakers.

Letting and Management agencies will manage your property for you and will agree with you the price for rental, carry out inspections and inventory checks, clean the property during or after lettings, key hold and pay any necessary bills.

You may wish to rent long term or short term and agree who will rent your apartment, whether to rent to people with animals, to families etc. You can make inquiries with management agencies or check out their websites. These agencies can also rent out shops for you.

There are also Resort Management Agencies that will look after your property in a Resort.

Agencies will manage property maintenance, carry out inspections and some will manage the condominium fees.

If you are looking to rent a property then one of the main Property rental Agencies will be able to help you. You will need to consider whether you wish to rent a property with access nearby to the beach or a swimming pool, there will be a great choice available at different prices.

Investing in Property

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