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Investing - Property-Older-Apartments

Older apartments/properties - pre 2011

There are old local properties for sale, but you need to come and look where they are positioned, compare prices, take the telephone numbers of the 'Vende' sale signs on the sides of the buildings. Check if they have mains water to the buiding, electricity, planning permission for commercial developments etc. You may prefer to buy something off plan or a plot of land instead.

Older apartment blocks: I don’t know whether the finishing meets European standards, because the buildings/apartments have been built for some time. Perhaps some haven’t sold because of the lack of marketing or the standards/fittings included. However, you should consider the comparative cost, positioning, the size and what other developments have already been built around them. It is worth taking the time to look so that you can make your own comparisons, some are good value for money.

You may find that some of the local builders will do you a better discount, they may even have some larger sized apartments, but you have to look around to compare those that are off plan, already built or nearly completed. Try and see the plans for the development of the area that you are buying in, you need to know what is being built in front of you. If you are some distance from the main road and you have difficulty walking or other mobility difficulties, you may have problems getting to and from your apartment, due to the lack of roads and building rubble around you or leading to it. You won't know until you come and look at the positioning.

If you buy a ground floor apartment with a high wall around the patio area, some people put broken glass on top of the wall to deter intruders. One Brit has suggested that carpet gripper on the top of the wall would be an alternative solution. They don't sell carpet gripper here unfortunately. You can also have iron spikes made and fitted locally.

Slowly improving

On a few of the islands though things are improving with funding being given to install mains water, electricity and a drainage system. It wil be a slow and noisy process but at least it's started.

July 06:

I have only seen a few studio apartments that are for sale around the 33,000euro mark, but they were not in a good position.

If buying a new property don't forget the on costs of buying a kitchen, furniture, electrical items plus the 8%costs on top of whatever you buy (some say 6%). Some re-sales are un-furnished. If you find a re-sale that has been furnished, everything may be included in the re-sale, but check what is/isn't included. Check the age/condition of furniture etc and whether electrical items work, or are you buying ´sold as seen`?

The situation here regarding declaration of price of the property you are buying/selling differs in Cape Verde. Ask your solicitor/lawyer to explain.

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