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Water Sports

  • Water Sports

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    Water Sports

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Shore Fishing - Sal

  • Shore Fishing

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    Shore Fishing

    Fishing from the Shore - Come catch some fish with us


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Sal Island

Fishing - Deep Sea, Big Game, Vertical jigging, Trolling

Cape Verde Fishing for fishing enthusiasts from around the world. We have something for anglers or beginners. Have a first time fishing experience on your own, with a friend or with your family. We offer fishing activities around Sal Island. Visit us at Cape Verde Fishing Centre.

Shore Fishing - Surf Casting Rock Fishing, Shark Tournament, Balloon Fishing, Spinning, Shark Fishing.

We fish from the beach or off the rocks. There are good spots to fish from the shore around the island. We will collect you and take you to the fishing zone and provide you with everything you need to fish from the shore. We have day and night time fishing activities. You can be a serious fisherman or enjoy fishing with friends and family. We often have young children participate, boys and girls with mums and dads, it can be a great experience for all the family. If you have never fished before, give it a try. We offer fishing activities around Sal Island. Visit us at Cape Verde Fishing Holidays.

Scuba Diving Cape Verde

Cape Verde diving is for people of all abilities, from beginners to dive masters and above. Recreational diving or sport diving is very popular on Sal Island, Cape Verde. For those who have not experienced or discovered scuba diving, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to give it a try when visiting Sal Island, for your own personal Cape Verde scuba dive experience.

Cape Verde Sailing

There area a number of sailing vessels that operate around Sal Island. Cape Verde is home to various yachts on which you can enjoy a lovely sailing experience. Most of the yachts are anchored off the coast of Santa Maria. Our yacht is anchored of the shore of Sal Island. We will take you further out to sea and hope to see some wildlife off-shore. There are opportunities on some boats to fish or to snorkel. There are half day and full day excursions.

You will need to ask each operator about age limits or other conditions.

Jet Ski

There are a few Jet Ski operators on Sal Island. Your experienced instructor will explain safety requirements and answer all your questions.


Kitesurfing is one of the most popular winter water sports on Sal. The winds that cross the island and the wave conditions make it an ideal place to visit whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced kitesurfer. There are a number of Kitesurf centres on the island.


For a number of years Josh Angulo's name has been linked with windsurfing and wind surfing competitions on Sal Island. The World Windsurfing Championship have been held on Sal in previous years. See the Photo Gallery No.14 - 20 (and other albums) within the Expats Cape Verde website of PWA chamionships in 2010, both action and winners: Windsurfing World Championships 2010

Surfing and Stand Up Paddling

A number of surf schools also rent out equipment or provide lessons in surfing and stand up paddling. They will have experienced instructors who will be able to teach beginners and those who just need more instruction on how to stand up or stay on the board. Depending on wave conditions you will either have lessons off shore in Santa Maria or be taken to other parts of the island where the instructors know the conditions will be more suitable for the activity you are looking to participate in that day.


There are other water based activities on Sal in which you may prefer to participate, such as snorkeling, banana boat rides, flyboard and more.