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The General Information section includes pages about Cape Verde:

There are nine inhabited islands, some with large touristic hotels and developments. Other islands have less of an infrastucture, facilities or services. On the busier tourist islands in resorts and hotels there are some activities for kids, families and adults within hotels, resorts and locally on the more tourist islands. We suggest you look on sites such as 'Trip Advisor' for different island information on hotels, things to do, places to see or to eat or drink. You should also be able to find star ratings and comments that people have left for some of these. We don't 'recommend' because everyone's needs, tastes and budgets differ.

If you want to use local businesses instead of those in hotels for excursions you may find some advertised on Sal in the side column of web pages or, in our Yellow-E-Business section.

Here is a link to further information on the islands and activities: About Cape Verde Islands

Another link is to the island pages which has all the islands listed on the right of the page: More info about the islands

Cape Verde Islands, facilities and services

If you are visiting Cape Verde for the first time you will have decided to come here because of the climate.

What to take on holiday to Cape Verde? What to wear in Cape Verde? Where to stay? Where to eat in Cape Verde?

Planning a trip to the island of Sal, or other Cape Verde islands, then there are some things you must or consider taking with you as they may not be available on the island or, they may be more expensive:

Suncream, aftersun, mosquito repellent, hand gel, medicines/medication, re-hydration sachets, travel plug, ear plugs, phone, chargers, sunglasses, sun hat, euros. Add some of those to your list.

If you are self catering please bring along the things you need for your stay if cooking and eating in your accommodation, things like favourite coffee, tea, even cooked or uncooked foods which you can place in your hold luggage. No-one I know has yet had their bacon confiscated! The best tip I can give you is to make sure you check the fridge before you leave for the airport, as many friends have forgotten to check the fridge and take out the cheeses, bacon, sausages they had carefully packed the night before, ready to place in the suitcase the next day....but forgot!

If you are flying direct to the island you are staying on, then there should be no problem with packing chilled food the day of your departure, just make sure they are well sealed, in plastic bags or cooler bags. Some problems may arise if there is a flight delay, or onward flight and possible further delays which may result in you thinking it best to bin those chilled items.

If you want to reduce the extra costs for food and snacks at the airport, especially when leaving Cape Verde, as Duty Free goods are limited and can be more expensive. You may want to save some items your brought over with you, for your return journey. You can also buy some local bread rolls and fillings to make up some sandwiches to take with you to the airport before departing Cape Verde, who knows, there may be a flight delay! Yes, you can buy sandwiches at the main Cape Verde Airports but they may be limited to something like ham and cheese, or tuna. There are also snack bars at some departure airports.

Things to take on holiday to Cape Verde

There are reports about fly's being a nuisance at certain times of year. There are some claims that fly's are to blame for  spreading germs and causing upset tummies after landing on food. There are also other reasons for causes of upset tummies. You may have touched chairs, tables, handles that others have touched just before you bit your nails or licked your fingers........ and so on!

With the situation with the corona virus, its everyone's duty to take care of health and hygiene as described in information produced by the World Health Organisation. Think what you can do to look after yourself and loved ones while travelling and/or prior to travelling and following travel to other places.

Within the pages on this website you will find more information which, can provide you with links to information about Sal, Boavista and other Cape Verde islands, travel, investing, facilities and services.

We still have some pages of information that are being re-built, with more info to be supplied from various sources.

The island pages may be more helpful. We haven't recommended many places ourselves, there are some restaurants preferred by some because they are known as being fish restaurants, though they will serve other meat or vegetarian dishes. There are more expensive restaurants, those for a lower budget, some on the beach, some in the back streets, bars and cafe's that sell burger and chips, Italian restaurants, Portuguese restaurants, British Bars and Restaurants, local Cape Verdean Restaurants and more.

There are over web 500 pages of information on this site, some have been updated, others re-directed to more up to date information or archived. There is also further information within the FAQ pages under different categories eg. General Info, Visa's, Investment, Weddings and more.

We don't claim to be an all singing and dancing website, we can only provide information on what has been learned or discovered over the years. Not all the information can be updated as we don't have resources to go and find out information. 

General Information


Banks, Cape Verde, Islands, Mortgages.


Some information about the banks in Cape Verde, transferring funds, ATM's, cashing cheques, Western Union, Cape Verde escudo, rate of exchange and more.
Cape Verde Islands
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