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British National - What if I need an Emergency Travel Document?

British National - Emergency Travel Documents? | Information produced by Cape Verde Tips

Emergency Travel Documents?

The Portugal team will deal with Emergency Travel Document (ETDs). We will not issue them as we have an agreement with the Portuguese Embassy in CV, who will issue EU emergency travel documents on our behalf (in the same way as they do for other unrepresented EU nationals).

These ETD's are issued to British Nationals (BNs) who have either lost or had their passport stolen. The team in Portugal will liaise with the Portuguese Consul and the British nationals, carry out all the necessary checks (e.g. DVA) and give the green light to the Portuguese Embassy to issue.

If the reason for an ETD is due to an expired passport, then the team in Portugal will need to issue an ETD remotely and involve the Honorary Consul for ID checks, receipt of ETD and handing over to the customer. This is a well-oiled process for the team in Portugal who issue remote ETDs for Porto, Madeira and the Azores.


Tino Mosso

Albertino (Tino) MOSSO British Honorary Consul in Cape Verde Po Box 75 - Santa Maria Sal Island - Cape Verde Islands Mobile +238 995 10 43 Mobile +238 593 73 83 - Email:tinossom@yahoo.co.uk - www.fco.gov.uk

British Embassy in Dakar - Senegal - 20 rue du Docteur Guillet - BP 6025 Dakar - Senegal - Tel.: (44) 1908 516666 - Fax (221) 33 821 6115 - E-mail: www.ukinsenegal.fco.gov.uk

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