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Investing - Any experience of buying over the internet?

Buying property over the internet

Having watched the programme 'A place in the Sun' in June 2005, I started to look at properties over the internet specifically on the island of Sal. I came across a few Real Estate websites that were selling property in Cape Verde, some of the artists impression images of the properties made them look really attractive, with palm trees and gardens and images of people walking bye and some with cars parked outside.

Within a few days of seeing the programme I contacted those Real Estate Agencies by email to make some enquiries about the various properties they had for sale on Sal Island, Cape Verde. I received a response soon after. One agent was more persistent with their follow up calls and emails and I felt he was pressurising me into committing to buying.

Some Agents were quick to send me a Reservation Pack. One Agents fees were 3000 euros plus IVA. Again I felt pressured to sign and return the agreement and pay the fee a.s.a.p. having been told 'in case I lost the property to someone else'. The thing was I hadn't a clue what the island was like other than what I'd watched on the TV programme. Thankfully I decided not to proceed with buying anything at the time.

I did find some info online and contacted another website and was able to speak to some people who had either been to Sal or had bought there. There seemed many more things that needed consideration so I felt it was best to go and take a look to see what was available. I made my plans and jetted off via Lisbon to Sal Island in the Sept of 2005. I was glad I went.

First visit to Sal Island

You get a feel for the place and you get to see more apartments. It's much better than buying blindly. I actually found out where a few of the apartments were that I'd been looking at on the internet. I was thankful I'd made the right decision to visit the island, instead of committing to buying something without seeing the place, the different quality and standard of build, seeing how design layouts differed, looking at ground, first and second floor apts, balcony or terrace size and much more.

I went to see where some plots were situated for off-plan apartment blocks, nothing there to see!

Although some of the apartments I viewed were nice apartments, they were too far away from where I realised, I really wanted to be. I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't gone over to Sal to take a look. I was able to spend two enjoyable weeks in Santa Maria, I met up with a number of like minded people and we all shared our experiences and sometimes went with some to see property together.

Those that I met that bought property or didn't buy, were more informed after their visit to Sal, Cape Verde, that September 2005.

Marriage Blessings - Sal

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