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Investing - I would like to seek work on Sal, Cape Verde

Working on Sal island

May 09

Before 'upping sticks' as they say and taking the plunge and moving out to Sal or Cape Verde, please carry out plenty of research. We know things aren't brilliant in the UK and some other countries at the moment, but moving to Cape Verde to gain employment or run a business could provide you with more stress. It's not always "No Stress Cabo Verde".

In the past Cape Verde tourism declines during the summer between May - October compared to the winter period. The main reason for this being the reduction or end of the Winter Sun Charter flights which fly direct to a number of countries within Europe as they have other nearer destinations to fly too. Some flights are now continuing to operate throughout the summer and more countries are starting to offer flights to Cape Verde since the open sky policy was introduced.

Employment in Cape Verde is mostly taken up by Cape Verdeans and Africans. The low monthly wage for people working here in restaurants, bars and building trade would not be able to support most Europeans on a weekly basis. Average wage is 200euros per month, some locals work 6 days a week and for less money.

If you are thinking of moving over here to work, take into account the fall in tourism between May - October. Many businesses close for a month at a time during the summer. There are fewer tourists in the summer than the winter, though summer holidays are starting to get busier. 

Any new business setting up that relies on tourism should also be wary of the summer period. There is more tourism during the school holiday periods. 

July 2016

There may be some opportunites for some to seek employment with new hotel chains, however this should be done as soon as they announce they are looking to recruit. The Sal Hilton will open late 2017, while work laying the foundations for the Radison Blu is nearly completed, ready for the next stages of work. The New Horizons Development is understood to be finished late 2018

The Llana Resort has provided more work for people from the islands, but if you speak a number of languages and have qualifications in hotel management and tourism and, your spoken and written Portuguese is of a good standard then there will be more opportunities for you.

There may be some other opportunities that will present themselves, but it would be in everyone's interest to do your research, make contact with people and owners of businesses, new commercial businesses that will be opening up, before actually moving out. They may have something that would be of interest to you, or know of someone else looking to employ people with particular skills and abilities, then perhaps you can discuss renumeration.

A few businesses have opened and closed for various reasons. Hopefully those that are just starting up will have studied their business so that they can build on it and remain on Sal and Cape Verde. Some people have come and gone from the islands. Its not easy here for a lot of people.

Looking for premises

There are number of developments with commercial premises on the ground floor including many in apartment blocks, that may be available for rent. Usually location, location, location is what you need to think about if looking to rent commercial property that is aimed at tourism. Those that are in prime positions will cost you more in rent. Tourists who are aiming to rent apartments usually book online before they travel. Those looking to stay for longer periods may rent somewhere for a month while they look for somewhere more permanent.

Tour Guide

If thinking of becoming a Tour Guide, you need to consider a number of things. Many people who stay at the Riu or other hotels, tend not to venture out that often and if they do, they may pay for a guided tour through the town organised by tour reps at the hotel. The tour reps at hotels would prefer to sell hotel guests their own tours. They may also decide to use the trips and excursions offered by the tour operater for island tours due to having some partnership arrangements with them. Then you also have to compete with those that work from outside the hotels hoping to catch hotel guests as they go in and out of the hotel.

Walking tours offered by hotel tour reps are a good idea if you are less adventurous. Those that are hoping to seek business from the people on the tours maybe disappointed. Tour reps will only point out a number of selected outlets on the walk.

No working plans

If you don't have a job to go to you may find that you may have to survive off your own savings for some time. Take into account the cost of living expenses and have a budget for a set period of time. There really is a lot to think about, not forgetting having enough money to sustain you while here, visa's, rental accommodation fees, food and other expenses.If you are looking to extend your stay you will need to extend your visa and while doing so, prove you have enough money to support you during the extended period.

You will also need to look into self employed status, any licenses you need to operate a business, NIF number, registering the name of your business and more.

There are other articles on this website that may assist with your research.

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