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Investing - Is it best to buy using a Sales Agent when buying a property?

Working directly with a developer good or bad

You can sometimes get better value for money if you deal direct with the developer (as an independent) when buying a property and the development is new. You may be able to negotiate a better deal.

You may want to compare prices though if the development is not new but has a number of apartments still for sale, you may think that a re-sale apartment may be a better option if it's already furnished or a more interesting price.

Most Sales Agents or Agencies take a percentage of the sale price (an agreed commission).

On saying that, Agents can show you a range of properties in resorts or in other areas which differ in build and finishing .

Some British Agencies have been selling property on the islands for a good number of years. There are some Agents that work on their own or with business partners based elsewhere. There are also Cape Verdean, Italian, Portuguese and other Property Rental and Sales Agencies operating on the islands. 

Make comparisons with what the Imobilia/Imobiliaria are selling with other sales agencies, some may have the same property for sale as other Agencies, but they will also have others you may not have seen.                   

Check where the role of the Sales Agent finishes, it may be immediately after you have paid the non-refundable deposit, leaving you to sort out everything yourself. Ask if the Agent or Agency offers an after sales service?  Some Agents will provide additional support as part of their service to their clients as part of the sale, others may charge an additional fee for the service.

Search engines: Whether looking for land, apartments, commercial property or other, you will be able to find a range of Sales or Real Estate Agencies operating on the different islands.

In all cases, seek legal advice before you sign anything!

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