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Investing - Should I buy property on Sal or Boavista Island?

Buying property on Boa Vista Or Sal Island

Be aware that some properties have been on the market for some time, you are not the first to see them and won’t be the last, there are plenty to see so don’t rush or get too exited.

There are more new buildings popping up all the time. It's best to come and take a look especially if unsure about which island you would choose to invest in. You may be able to book a two centre holiday, a week on Boavista and the other on Sal. There are a number of hotels that will accommodate this.

Boavista is a much bigger island than Sal. Sal is the busier island and has more hotels. Santa Maria is populated with Cape Verdeans and a mix of foreign nationals from different countries. Most of the activity takes place in Santa Maria. There are resorts in and around Santa Maria and on the west coast. A number of foreigners own property in Santa Maria and in resorts.

The island of Boavista has some large beautiful beaches and some All Inclusive hotels. Some smaller hotel type accommodation can be found in Sal Rei the capital of the island but most tourists stay at the hotels up the coast. Sal Rei is small and a lot quieter than Santa Maria.

Both islands are popular for winter sun holidays and for winter water sports activities.

Some developers will show you properties they want you to see first, the ones they want to sell first, but they may have others. Other Estate Agents may have the same property on their books, and/or more different properties.

Again, do as much research before you make a decision or arrive on the islands looking to invest.

There are also new resorts that have been built, nearly finished or have some units left for sale. More resorts are to be built on other islands. 

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