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Investing - What are the risks if I don't use a solicitor when investing?

The Risk if you don't use a Solicitor on Cape Verde

There could be many reasons, but some have been:

Some of you may have seen the ITV programme on Friday, November 18th 2005. British people buying in Spain had trusted the agents selling them the land and some of their lawyers. They had since discovered that the development and land they had bought and built on hadn’t been given building consent by the City Council, their properties are under threat of being demolished, some properties on the same development and other developments have already been demolished by bulldozers by the Council, as the land was known as Rustic Land (can’t build on it without permission).

John Howells (Europe law) was interviewed and said that many Britt’s weren’t bothering to obtain their own independent solicitor/lawyer, as they thought it would save money using by the developers/sellers lawyers, but they have learnt to their cost, that is sometimes false economy!

There are many other reasons why investors should use their own solicitor or lawyer.


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