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Travel - Rental Apts - What things should I consider when looking to rent an apt?

Travel - Rental Apts - What things should I consider when looking to rent an apt? Apartment facilities - Cape Verde

Before booking an apartment

If you are looking to rent an apartment for your stay on an island you may want to check what items are in the apartment before you book it.

White linen, furniture and electrical goods

The rental agency should be able to provide bed sheets, tea cloths etc on behalf of the owner. Some rental agencies may not provide you with a list of what you can expect in your apartment i.e. TV, microwave etc. Other owners and Agencies will have carried out an inventory and know exactly what will be provided and what is or isn't working.

If you are a keen cook and want to use the cooking facilities in your rented apartment, please check what the apartment contains before you book. Some apartments are often rented out with basic equipment i.e. a bed/bed settee and some cooking utensils.        

You may not get an oven, just a hob and no grill. It really depends what the owner has had installed and whether equipment is replaced when damaged. Don’t automatically think that you will get a range of cooking utensils or pots and pans or even a kettle, toaster or an iron in all rental properties.

You may need to enquire with the owner or rental agency if they also provide a 'welcome pack' (water, milk etc), if so, you may need to pre-book this.

Some agencies will provide an airport pick-up, this may cost more but may include direct transfer to your apartment by driver who also has the keys.

More things to consider

Security, distance from main areas, lighting, roads, safety, number of keys, key collection/deposit times, power cuts (bring torches).

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