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Travel - Sal - Restaurants and Bars Santa Maria

Restaurants and Bars Santa Maria

There are some restaurants, snack and bar facilities which you may find in and around Santa Maria, some are more popular than others, but it doesn't mean to say that some of the local places to eat aren't worth a visit. Some of the restaurants close for holidays during the summer, others change ownership and are re-named. New ones open and close from time to time. This list is not updated regularly but you can check out restaurants and bars on Trip Advisor to see if they are open/closed, changed ownership, been renamend, what their service and food is like etc.

Click here for more info: Santa Maria Restaurants


Barracuda Restaurant
Palm Beach
Sal Beach Club
Beach Caravan (it's a caravan)
Palm Beach
Gelataria Sol - Doce (Pier)
Cretcheu (Pier)
Beach Club (Morabeza)
The Kiosk (Brazillian) ...... on beach in front of Morabeza
Beach Club (Morabeza)
The Dubliner
Funana Restaurant and Museum
Atlantis - CLOSED

Hotel Restaurants where you can have a meal, hotels are along the beach:
Belorizonte - Novorizonte - need to book if you are not staying there.
Odjo d'Agua
Crioula - need to book if you are not staying there

Riu Hotels - need to book if you are not staying there

Restaurante/Bar Ponta Preta (on the beach, north of the Riu Hotel).

Behind Barracuda you have LONDRES, .Next to it is an Icecream Parlour.

Same road as Porto Antigo (front line road) on Rua 15 de Agosto:

Blu Bar

Ocean Cafe

Lanchonette d'Angela.........self service buffet lunchtime, BBQ on weekends (being re-constucted but operational).

Café Del Mar - Situated near D'Angela's in Porto Antigo 2

Wine and Beer House Restaurant

Gigi Restaurant - Pizza, Pasta and some other dishes
Papaias Restaurant - walk through Porto Antigo 1 complex to harbour wall.
Snack Bar Bilu between Hotel Odjo d'Agua and outdoor market. Hard to find but popular at lunchtimes with taxi drivers.

And down by the Leme Bedje........Josh Angulo's Beach Club (on the beach) and Columbus Restaurant.

Further up the beach ' Fashion Beach'

Same road as the CAIXA ECONOMICA BANK on Rua 1 de Junho :

Padaria Pastelaria

Market, Sports Bar and Grill .......Click to see more
Ao Caranguejo

The ColonialCultural Restaurant - opposite the Square
Universo - off side street
Leonardo's - off side street

The Hungry Frog - off side street

Meditteranian Italiano
Nha Terra - on corner opposite BCABombay Brasserie - Indian dishes. Situated in the Aqua Marine block near to the new CVTelecom and the BCA bank and Morabeza Hotel.

Sushi Bar - Next to Hotel Morabeza opposite CVTelecom

Entrance into Santa Maria from Espargos (follow the road : Rua Amilcar Cabral):

Enacol Garage Cafe
Giorgio's Ristorante - rear of Enacol Garage
Pensao Porto do Vento - rear of Enacol Garage, on new road
Bar A Onda (Djadsal building)
Turi Fogo (& Zum Fisherman)- just back off the main road
Aly Baba
Rosticcera da Marino - Same road as Soccol.
Chicken Avalanche (off side street)
Restaurant Oliveira
Chez Pastis                         
PUBIM...keeps changing its name!
Pastelaria Relax
Tam Tam
Cafe Creolo - Top end on side road
Bons Amigos - off side street at far end of road.

Road at rear of CORREIOS (Post Office) building:
Onda Setima (closed)
Onda Crystalina (closed)

Bar di Nos

Shwarma Restaurant

There are a few other local places, they are just a few more streets back from the main area :

Jo Banana
ka Toy
da Luz


Ponta Preta - north of the Riu Hotel on the beach.


Baileys ....... situated in the Djadsal Buildings along Hotel Boulevard in 'Block C'. Serves British, European, Indian and Chinese dishes.

There are more restaurants open in the Djadsal buildings along Hotel Boulevard.

INFORMATION COLLATED BY: www.capeverdetips.co.uk


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