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Travel - TIPS: Eight things to do when you know there will be a power cut

If you are staying or living in a self catering apartment, these are some of the things to consider if you know there is going to be  power cut on the island:

EIGHT things to do to prepare for power cuts on Sal (if you are here!).
1. Warn others if you do happen to find out there will be power cut!
2. Charge any device you think you may need.
3. Unplug PC's before (if night time you may be asleep) or during power cut
4. Buy drinking water and fill any empty 5ltr water bottles with tap water for washing or perhaps sea water for flushing toilets....
5. Prepare food or meals as you may not have spare water to wash food, then you can keep fridge door closed till you need to open it.
6. Make lollypops or ice to keep in freezer and top up drinking water in fridge
7. Make sure torches work and you have candles (night times)
8. Consider unplugging other electrical appliances especially if you don't have a circuit breaker on them.

EIGHT things to do in Cape Verde in hot weather during a power cut;
1. Keep cool
2. Don't do anything that will make you feel hotter.
3. Go for a swim or surfing with friends or family (but remember no shower after)
4. Sit in the shade.
5. Prepare a list of things that you could do on laptop that that you keep ignoring or things to do in the home.
6. Keep curtains closed to keep out the heat (if it's light enough to see what you are doing inside).
7. Use spare ice in freezer by bagging it and moving it into fridge area to extend the cooling period inside fridge, so food isn't wasted (if a longer power cut).
8. Prepare a cool bag with other items if necessary.

Am sure there are many more things to add.


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