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VISA - Is it easy to obtain a visa if I want to extend my holiday in Cape Verde

If you want to extend your stay in Cape Verde you must visit the main Police Station on the island to ask for further information on what you need to provide when applying.

Please give yourself enough time to present documents at the Police Station and pay for the visa before your 30days or current visa runs out.

If only staying an extra few days after your visa runs out and you want to risk not being fined at the airport on departing Cape Verde, then that is your choice.

Please check with Embassy's for current and up to date information about visa's for Cape Verde.

Update 2019 - Please note:

  • 1. The 30 day tourist entry visa for European passport holders, UK nationals and some other nationals has been waived as of 1st January 2019.
  • 2. As of January 1st 2019 a new TSA Airport Security Tax was introduced for visitors into Cape Verde. Some people will be exempt from paying the 31e TSA tax on entry. More info available in this pdf:
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Someone visiting Cape Verde for the first time will have to supply some different documents to those of regular visitors that already own a property and have a bank account in Cape Verde.

One regular visitor and owner of a property on Sal arrived on the island at the beginning of January 2019. She arrived on a 'flight only' from the UK paid her TSA Tourist Tax of 31 Euros. Towards the end of January she obtained the list of documents from the National Police Station in Espargos that she needed for her application to extend her stay. The documents required were:

Cif ........... what is this and where can someone get it from?

Nif........... property ownership document (others need a rental contract)

Criminal certificate ( from cif office) cadastral place

Certificate of medical insurance

Bank statement (she had a CV Bank account)..........if you don't you may need an alternative document from your foreign bank which may need to be notorised and then translated into Portuguese.

Passport: take orriginal and a copy

Photo...........how many

Flight ticket..........for the date you have booked your outbound international flight.

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