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News 2020 - Covid-19 - Government measures introduced to support companies and increase their cash -

News 2020 - Covid-19 - Government measures introduced to support companies and increase their cash -

24-Mar-2020 News 2020 - Covid-19 - Government measures introduced to support companies and increase their cash - Cape Verde - Government support being given to companies in Covid-19 crisis

Government to give support to companies

Measures to support companies and increase their cash:

- creation of credit lines and guarantees

Credit lines supported by the banking system, in the global value up to 4.000.000 of tales, with state guarantees up to 100 % of financing, with a lack of capital and interest up to 6 months and amortisation In 4 YEARS TO 5 years.

Four credit lines and one guarantee line are created as follows:
(a) 1.000.000 tales for large companies in all areas of activity and with guarantee up to 50 %;

(b) 1.000.000 tales for companies in the tourism, restoration, organization of events and related sectors, travel, transport, animation and similar sectors, with guarantee up to 80 %;

(C) 1.000.000 tales for small and medium-sized companies in all sectors of business with guarantee up to

(D) 300.000 TALES FOR MICRO-businesses in all sectors of activity, with guarantee up to

(E) 700.000 tales - guarantee line for micro small and medium-sized enterprises, intended to support public purchases.

- winding up of pending invoices

- refund of VAT

- relief in the payment of contributions to inps

Tax measures:

- payment in benefits of VAT and retention at source
- suspension and extension of deadlines for tax execution

Labour market and social protection measures:

- collective suspension of work

Assumption of 70 % of the gross salary due to the worker pending the suspension of the employment contract by the employer and inps, in the following

A) 35.% by the employer

B) 35.% by the inps

- unemployment benefit

Reduction of the guarantee period in the period considered for the purpose of the award of the unemployment benefit from 180 to 60 days in the period from 1 April to 30 June, at the date of the submission

- preventive insulation by contamination

The status of disease with hospital admission of the situation of preventive insulation for 15 days of workers on behalf of others, motivated by situations of serious risk to public health decreed by entities exercising the power of health authority.

- measures regarding the validity of documents

Acceptance by public authorities, for all legal purposes, of the display of documents likely to be renewed, whose period of validity expires from the date of entry into force of the diploma implementing this measure or in the 15 days immediately before or Later. #Caboverde #Governodecaboverde#Govcv#Covid19 #Coronavirus # # #economy


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