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About Sal International Airport

Sal International Airport:

The information below is from 2008. Please use the web links below to find up t date information.


Country Code: +238 ~ IDD Access Code: 0 ~ Time Zone: GMT-1 ~
Business Language: Portuguese
Amilcar Cabral International Airport (SID/GVAC)
Sal Airport, Cape Verde, PO Box 58, Espargos, Sal Island
Sal Airport, Cape Verde, Airport Administration, Espargos, Sal Island
Tel: +238 241 1394, +238 241 1468, +238 241 1135, +238 241 1309, (Operations) +238 241 1372
Fax: (Pres Board Directors) +238 241 1570, (Finance and Planning) +238 241 1323

e-mail: info@asa.cv

Website: www.asa.cv

Managing Director: Americo Medina
Operations Director: Paulino Brito
Finance Manager: Jorge Fonseca
Marketing Manager: Jorge Santos
Cargo Manager: Leandro Martins
Air Traffic Controller: Jose Cabral
Security Manager: João Monteiro

Airport Data: International, Espargos 2km (1mile), Position 16°44´31"N,
022°56´56"W, Elevation 54m (177ft), 24 hours, 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal
Traffic 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
Passenger throughput 448,203 492,804 635,563 708,711 781,539 829,716
Cargo handled (tonnes) 2,743 3,304 3,689 - - -
Cargo handled (1000s lbs) 6,047 7,283 8,132 - - -
Aircraft movements 10,431 11,536 14,692 14,934 16,382 16,295
Airfield Data: 2 Runways, Fire Category 9
Emergency Services: SOSS
Navigational Aids: VOR/DME, NDB
Airfield Restrictions: None
Noise Restrictions: None
Aircraft Maintenance: Minor Repairs
Runway 1: Heading 01/19, 3,272m (10,734ft), PCN 58/F/A/W/T, ICAO Cat. E,
Aircraft size max: B747, Lighting: Approach CAT 1, PAPI
Runway 2: Heading 07/25, 1,500m (4,921ft), PCN 58/F/A/W/T, ICAO Cat. C,
Aircraftsize max: B747, No Lighting

Cargo Facilities: Capacity 4,020tonnes (8,862,000lbs), Bonded Warehouse,Transit Zone, Domestic Cargo Only, Free Port/Foreign Trade Zone, Mechanical Handling,Refrigerated Storage, Deep Freeze Storage, Fresh Meat Inspection, Health Officials, X-Ray Equipment, Express/Courier Centre, Handling Equipment: 7 loaders, 8 Goods lifts Customs Tel: +238 411222Fax: +238 411222 Op. Hours: 24 hours
Espargos Customs Director: Joao Teixeira

Passenger Facilities: 9 check-in desks, 4 gates, 1 baggage claim belt, short term parking spaces, long term parking spaces,
Min. Connection Times Intl-Intl: 60mins, Dom-Intl: 60mins,
Dom-Dom: 30mins,

Post Office, Bank, Auto Exchange Machine, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Lounge, Duty Free Shop, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, Tourist Help Desk, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank, First Aid, Cabo Verde Airlines, TACV, Binter Cabo Verde Airline..

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