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October 07

A mountain trip :

The trip over on the new Autojet Catamaran services had been a bit of an experience (read more about it under the article 'Ferries and Catamaran'). This, followed by the hour or so Aluger ride over the mountain on bumby roads would be enough to wear some people down. However, the sights are still stunning when you reach the top of the ridge and drive along it. In good daylight and no mist, you want to stop and take it all in. This isn't possible when using the Aluger.

This time a friend had organised accomodation in Paul (pronounced Paool). Jerome's it is called, just ask for the restaurant Morabeza and you will find the entrance opposite. Set in a private area within bread fruit trees and the like, it was a wonderful suprise. Rooms cost us 2,500 escudos per night.

The developer of Jerome's is a writer and named the development after the writer Jerome K Jerome.

The collectives to and from Porto Novo are situated near to the Shell Station in Ribiera Grande. The Shell Station is also a shop where you can also get lso get some refreshments i.e. coffee, cakes etc. I understand it operates 24hrs.

A small market provides fruit and vegetables. There seemed to be lots of Loja Chinese shops in Ribeira Grande. We only came across one or two small hotels.

There were a few restaurants. We found a small cafe up a back street called Pizza Rosa. We shared a large pizza between two, it was enough. The flour they used for a pizza base is not quite the same as the Italian pizzas. Another pizza place has opened in the town, near the small central market.

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