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Travel between Islands

Travelling Between The Cape Verde Islands

Inter Island Flights

Binter Cabo Verde have started running the inter island flight service between the Cape Verde Islands. Not all islands have airports at the moment. The Government announced they stopped supporting TACV with funding, however there is talk that another company may take it over. I was previously informed that TACV kept a number of spare seats available for Government officials who may have to travel between islands at short notice, if these seats are not used they will release them to those on a waiting list, 30 mins before take off. I have not been told this officially!


Ferry - Catamaran

The larger of the two ferry's The Armas is taken out of action for maintenance in October. The new Catamaran service started operating the summer of 2007. It is not possible to provide up to date information on these services. There is no service between Sal Island and the island of Boavista.

Arriving at an island

When you arrive at any of the airports or ports on departure or arrival you will be greeted by eager locals wanting to carry your bags. Be careful for two [...]

Accommodation and security

On arrival at your hotel, always ask for a safe or safe access and secure your personal items. Some hotel receptions may want to log every item that is going [...]

Sal to Sao Vicente by boat

These are comments from someone hoping to get the ferry to Sao Vicente for the August (14th) Festival 08: [...]

Inclement weather

Jan 07 - Some people traveled over the Xmas and the New Year holiday period to other islands. There was some fog on some of the islands. One particular airline [...]

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