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WEDDINGS - Cape-Verde-Island-Weddings

Cape Verde Island Weddings - Sal Island

Our Cape Verde wedding services are popular with couples on honeymoon and those who have or are getting married. Marriage blessings on Sal are increasing due to new international tour operators bringing more tourists to Sal. Summer blessings and ceremonies are becoming popular.

We offer bespoke wedding services on the island of Sal: Marriage Blessings, Renewal of Vows, Love and Devotion Readings.

We no longer provide services on the island of Boavista.

Why Sal, Cape Verde?

  • Sal island has little rainfall.
  • Sal is popular as a winter sun destination.
  • Blue seas surround the islands.
  • Sal island has beautiful white sandy beaches.
  • It's a great place to relax
  • The winter months are more popular with water sports enthusiasts for kite surfing and wind surfing, as the winds generally pick up.
  • Scuba diving, jet ski, boat trips and fishing are also provided.
  • Friendly local people.
  • A mixture of nationalities from Portuguese, British and Irish, Italian, Scandinavian and more.

There are:

  • Direct international flights from UK and Europe to Sal island.
  • All inclusive and other hotel accommodation on the island.
  • Rental properties available within towns or near beaches and within some larger developments.
  • Main hotels situated along the beach.
  • Turtle protection programmes operate via SOS Tartarugas (Sal)
  • Excursions which can be booked prior to arrival or after you arrive.
  • Day trips to other islands or longer trips can be booked.


  • Has more to offer as regards accommodation, restaurants and bars, facilities/activities and water sports.
  • The main town of Santa Maria provides most of the services you require and is a short distance from the main hotels.
  • The newly opened Tortuga Beach Resort and Dunas Beach Resort are about a 10 min taxi drive from Santa Maria. Estimated taxi cost: 6-7 euros or 600-700cve.
  • Other resort complexes include: Porto Antigo 1, 2 or 3. Vila Verde, Murdeira.
  • Hotels on Sal are mainly in or around Santa Maria.
  • Santa Maria is around 15-20 mins from the airport. Taxi fare 1.000cve or 10euros during the day.

Hotels in/around Santa Maria:

  • Hotel Riu Garopa and Funana. Taxi : 400cve to centre of Santa Maria. Walking distance 15-20mins +.
  • Hotel Sabura. Taxi 400cve to centre of Santa Maria.
  • Hotel Farol. Taxi: 300-400cve to centre of Santa Maria
  • Hotel Crioula. Taxi: 300-400cve to centre of Santa Maria.
  • Hotel Dunas de Sal. Taxi: 300-400cve to centre of Santa Maria.
  • Hotel Belorizonte and Novorizonte. Taxi: 200cve to centre of Santa Maria.
  • Dunas Resort.Estimated taxi cost: 5-7 euros or 500-700cve to centre of Santa Maria.
  • Tortuga Beach Resort. Estimated taxi fee to Santa Maria 5-7 Euros or 500-700cve.
  • Melia Llana and Sensimar. Estimated taxi fee to Santa Maria 5-7 Euros or 500-700cve.
  • Salinas Sea. Situated in the heart of Santa Maria.
  • Hotel Morabeza. Situated in the heart of Santa Maria.
  • The Sal Hilton is due to open 2017/18. Estimated taxi cost: 2 euros or 200cve
  • The New Horizons Resort due to open 2018. Estimated taxi cost: 3 euros or 300cve
  • Smaller hotels in Santa Maria: Hotel Pontao, Hotel Santa Maria, Hotel Central, Hotel da Luz.

Things to consider

  • Our marriage blessings are an alternative option for those who are unable to comply with the law, which stipulates that foreigners be on the islands for 30days before they can legally marry in Cape Verde.
  • The Riu Hotels on the islands will not play host for ceremonies or functions within the hotel, the grounds or on the beach in front of the hotels. Some couples who are guests of the Riu may want their ceremony on the beach near to the hotel or will have their ceremony at other venues and if no after ceremony function is planned, some couples return to the hotel to relax, enjoy the all inclusive drinks and meal with family and friends.
  • Other hotels will accommodate ceremonies and after ceremony functions
  • Rainy season is in August and September, we may not get a lot of rain, but the rain can fall outside of these months.
  • There may be occasions where we will need to consider certain factors, such as during an evening on the beach during turtle laying and nesting season, we need to keep away from keep away from beach areas where our voices may disturb turtles laying their eggs. There are laws protecting the turtles and their nests during the turtle nesting season. Vehicles may not be permitted to access some beach areas.
  • Safety and security, we advise that you take foreign office advice about safety and security.
  • Going to isolated areas for a ceremony or off road will mean there is a need for 4x4 vehicles, transportation costs will increase and as already stated this isn't advisable due to unexpected illness,dehydration, no bathroom facility, no drinking water available and more.
  • Availability of venues for table reservations. Some venues may be fully booked or closed for holiday or other reasons. We will need to make enquiries early.

Before you fly, it’s important to tell this to guests and family too:

We have many suggestions within the website, some of these are:

  • Suntan lotion........ It’s expensive in the hotel
  • After sun...as above
  • UK travel adaptors.......you can’t buy them on Boavista or Sal
  • Camera, charger, leads, batteries, memory cards, camcorders, throw away cameras for guests.........spares and backups. Note: you may not be able to get some things on the Islands.
  • Wet wipes or hand gel.
  • Mosquito repellent, bite pens, sting relief clickers.
  • Sunglasses
  • Don’t forget to bring the items above with you to the venue/beach for the ceremony.
  • Don’t leave items un-attended at the venue or on the beach.
  • Wear protection against the sun: suncreams, clothing, hats. Note: all items will be more expensive to buy in hotels.
  • Bring bottles of water with you from the hotels, this is especially important for young children, older people, people who are dehydrated, been unwell or have had some alcohol the night before.
  • Try not to drink alcohol before the ceremony.
  • Flat shoes advisable for beaches.
  • There may be broken shells, coral, glass on or beneath the surface of the sand, so take care. There could possibly be some in the water, when or if swimming in sea.
  • There will be a bar or structure nearby where you can get some shade,more drinks and use bathroom facilities.

Wedding Services on the islands

Blessings, Renewal of Vows and Love & Devotion readings are becoming more popluar with tourists who are visiting the islands for a holiday. The islands, Church and venues are just at the beginning of recognising the need for these services for tourists and are keen to help make your ceremony an enjoyable one. As our services are being developed we will continue to make improvements and work with our partners to allow them to make improvements too.

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