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WEDDING - Love and Devotion Reading

Love and Devotion Reading - Sal Island

The 'Love and Devotion' reading ceremony can be used during a 'symbolic wedding ceremony', for couples who want to share a romantic moment on the beach here on Sal Island, usually without the presence of family or guests, though we have held a few with children present. Our popular 'Simplicity Package' ceremony service is generally used when choosing a 'Love & Devotion' reading, however couples can also choose from Newly-Wed, Renewal of Vows or other readings for their 'Simplicity' Ceremony.


This is a package service which can be for a blessing, renewal of vows or Love and Devotion ceremony for a fixed fee. It currently includes the pre-meeting, transport for the couple only on the day of the ceremony, the permit, the provision of a layperson, wedding arch, small table and vase or similar. Other transport, items or photographer are at an additional cost. For more details please access the secure zone.

If you wish to book this service, we will confirm arrangements and provide you with our bank details as we will require a non-refundable reservation fee.

Our Simplicity ceremony requires approval of an official permit for a measured area on the beach which we must adhere too for operational purposes.

You can find out more about this ceremony and service by clicking on the link for 'Simplicity Package'.

If you wish to surprise your partner with this type of romantic gesture, we can help arrange that with you too.

"My Love and Devotion". A song for the ladies by 'Perry Como ' and one for the gentleman by Doris Day.

Unlike Religious Marriage Blessings or Renewal of Vows with a Pastor, no legal documents or Pastor are required for a  Simplicity or Love and Devotion reading as it is and informal service. We will liaise with you and make pre-arrangements for the ceremony by email before you arrive. We'll arrange an initial pre-ceremony meeting with you (before you travel to Sal) to be fixed on a day and time soon after you arrive on Sal (held before the day of the ceremony), so you can meet one of us, go through what's required on the day and finalise arrangements. On the day of the ceremony we'll organise your transport for you (if required) and set up the area on the beach ready for the ceremony and your special occasion.

Normally, ceremonies are held near a venue where you can use the facilities afterwards for a social celebratory drink or have a meal whilst overlooking the beach and the ocean. Please note you do not need to use the venue to book a meal, however it is courteous to use their facilities even if only for a refreshing drink before departing.

Please note: Dress code can be casual but respectable. We usually wish to use photographs taken at the ceremony for promotional purposes, unless requested not to.

Love and Devotion Readings

You can each choose words you want read to you by the layperson or/and words you want to say yourself to your partner. You can write your own words, make up a poem, use lyrics from your favourite song/s or look at some poems online. It’s really easy and will make the build up to this special one-off occasion much more magical. There are a number of readings and quotes to choose from online and we have a few short readings you can look at for consideration that we can send you, on request. All you need to do is let us know your choice for a reading.

One of our team who will act as the Layperson will perform the reading. Those that carry out the readings are not officiants and they do not legally represent the Church. This ceremony can be to celebrate your life together, the past and embrace the future.

Here are a few simple ceremonies held on the beach where couples have celebrated their love and devotion to each.

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