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GENERAL - Vetinary-Surgeon-Cape-Verde

Vetinary Surgeon

Bringing pets to Cape Verde :

There are many things to consider if wanting to bring pets into Cape Verde. The proper licence must be obtained, that all injections have been given prior to entering CV, also whether food and medication for certain animals is readily available before bringing the animals over.

Certain animals may find it hard to get accustomed to the climate. There are vets or associations that help cats and dogs on some islands.

There may be vets on some of the islands but not all. If you did want to find out more on vets or treating cats or dogs or wanting to take an animal to another country, then perhaps one of the associations below may be able to advise, but they may not be able to help in some ways. There is one Vet Santa Maria, Sal Island:

Name: Fatyma Santos 

Email: fatyma.santos@hotmail.com

Mobile: (00238) 9979461

Associations - Cats and Dogs

Sal Island - Ospa Cats and Dogs

Sao Vicente Island: Si Ma Bo

Neutering campaigns

Neutering campaigns are carried out by organisations who send Vets in from other countries. Cape Verde relies on these organisations to help deal with birth control. These organisations rely to a great extent on donations, so please help if you can by donating. However if you just want information on bringing animals into or taking them out of Cape Verde they would love to hear from you.

Taking animals out of Cape Verde to another country

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