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British Nationals - Do British Ambassadors meet with British Nationals Cape Verde

British Nationals - Do British Ambassadors meet with British Nationals Cape Verde British-Gov-Embassy-for-Cape-Verde

British Ambassador to Cape Verde

I am not sure how many British Ambassadors have visited Cape Verde, however since 2006 - 2016 I am aware of two ambassadors that have visited Sal Island. Mr. Christopher Trott and Mr. John Marshall along with other representatives from the British Embassy in Dakar..

Aug.09:The staff at the British Embassy in Dakar put together a booklet for British Nationals in Cape Verde. The booklet was later updated and the link to the PDF document can be found on bottom of this page.

November 2008

The British Ambassador, Mr.Christopher Trott and the Honorary Consul Mr.Antonio Canuto visited Sal and other Cape Verde Islands in Oct 08. A meeting took place between British expats and the Ambassador to discuss various concerns. Please refer to the notes of the meeting which have been included below.

Notes of Meeting on Sal, Nov.08: Present: Mr.Christopher Trott (British Ambassador), Mr. Antonio Canuto (Hon. Consul in Sao Vicente), Jeff Goundrill, Kim Lark, Cheryl Thomas, Jim McCann and Vickey Abbott.

These notes include comments made by the British Ambassador (BA) in his speech to Brits at the cocktail event held at the Morabeza Hotel, Santa Maria, Sal Island on November 30th 08. A total of 37 British Expat ticket holders attended. Photos can be found of the cocktail evening, within the Picasa Photo Album in the Photo Gallery of this website.

The Gov. would not consider having a British Embassy or a Consul on Cape Verde. They do not put in this support just because it is a growing British Expat community or tourist destination. The Hon. Consul on Sao Vicente: Mr. Canuto had offered to act and was accepted for the position of Hon. Consul to the British Gov. and had covered the role on a voluntary basis for the last 12yrs. Mr.Canuto and his voluntary assistant, Isabel Spencer answer emails and calls on behalf from British subjects in Cape Verde. They would respond to communications but may not be able to do it immediately. They would like Brit Expats to complete the Form for Expats who lived abroad. The form can be downloaded from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website: www.fco.gov.uk The details will be kept by the Foreign Office in the UK in case of an emergency situation arising on the islands. The FCO would need to make sure that British subjects were accounted for in an emergency. The BA asked that if you did complete the form but at sometime moved to another country, that you then make sure you have your details taken off the list to prevent valuable resources being wasted by the FCO.

Statistics: There is no accurate way of providing/obtaining certain types of statistical information. They do receive some tourist information. Information can be obtained from the Hon. Consul in Sao Vicente as to how many people have sent in applications applying/re-applying for a passport. They do not issue passports but they would forward the applications etc for processing. The issue of re-applying for a lost passport is that you notify the Police and obtain an official report, then you contact the Hon Consul in Sao Vicente and send them the report, this is then forwarded to Dakar. The new passport could then be issued as quickly as possible, but the Ambassador could not guarantee a time frame for general passport issue, as this would always depend on the circumstances! The number of times someone reports a lost/stolen passport is monitored by the FCO in case of abuse.

Read more: Notes of meeting with British Ambassador Mr Chris Trott.

Updated booklet: Booklet for British Nationals 2012

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