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BRITISH EMBASSY - Is there a British Embassy or Consulate in Cape Verde

BRITISH EMBASSY in Cape Verde | Is there a British Embassy or Consulate in CV

Is there a British Embassy or Consulate in Cape Verde

There isn't a British Embassy or British Consulate in Cape Verde. There is an Honorary Consul on Sal Island who can be contacted in case of serious danger, death, imprisonment and other similar problems. However, British Nationals should seek other information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before travelling to Cape Verde.

There was a British Embassy Booklet produced for Cape Verde in 2012 (out of date), but it will provide some additional information that you may find useful. Click here for more info:

British Embassy Information on Boa Vista Island and Sal Island - Booklet - July - 2012  .........

The British Honorary Consul on Sal is Albertino (Tino) Mosso. Tino is based in Santa Maria, Sal. A brief intro to Tino Mosso can be found here :  Link:  Tino Mosso - British Honorary Consul

You should also look at updates provided on the Government website:  LINK:  FOREIGN-TRAVEL-ADVICE-CAPE-VERDE

There is also an Honorary Consul to Cape Verde in LONDON, ENGLAND. For further information on the Consul in London, click here:  HONORARY-CONSUL-LONDON 

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