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Investing - If I want to set up a business what should I consider?

Porton di Nos Ilhas

Please note, information we provide may be superceded.

2015 - If you don't declare that you are no longer working in writing (before the end of the Financial Year), you will be taxed in the January for the previous year. Your letter stating when you finished working must be in Portuguese and clearly state your NIF number and end date of work. When submitting the letter to Finanza, take a copy and make sure that you get both stamped as poof that you have notified them and it has been accepted (or take the original stamped letter and get it copied, return original to Finanza). I suggest you have someone draw up the letter for you as it has to be addressed in a particular way.

If you are going to close a business, please seek further advice on when the best time would be to do that for taxation purposes. You will also need to seek advice on employment law if you have a working partnership or employ staff.    

2016 - A new online payment system has been introduced at Finanza on which you can enter income received for your business. Before you can enter data you must register on the site (I did this initially by going to speak to someone at the Camara Municipal Office).

Those working in Cape Verde and paying 4% tax every trimester can upload their income and expenditure onto the Porton di nos Ilhas website and it will calculate how much tax needs to be paid each trimester. The website has some info which can be translated to English, however when entering data, the info is written in Portuguese. At the end of the year, you will be required to pay 30,000ecv (272 Euros) less any tax paid each trimester.

2017 - A few people on the 4% tax regime have been informed that the rules have changed and they can now earn up to 10,000 euros without paying tax but that in addition to the normal receipt books for Facturas they must purchase the income, expenditure books from Espargos in which to enter details and to keep all receipts.

We cannot help obtain further information about the website, the taxation classes or process. Please make your own enquiries. The link to the website is:  PORTONDINOSILHAS.  

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The following is information was posted a number of years ago. The system and rules will have changed over the years.                          

IVA - IUR - Businesses

The following information was posted in May 2009, so please note the information below will have changed!

A Vat office is now operational in Santa Maria Espargos (Finanza). There are different systems for paying vat, but you will need to make your own enquiries with an Accountant or a Lawyer.

However, these are the experiences of a few people who are working here:


If you set up to work as self employed, you need to register with the Finance Office in Espargos. You will be given a form MODELO-110. As soon as you receive this you are then required to pay IVA and IUR. MOD-110 has to be renewed annually, on or before the date it runs out. When you renew it, you have to pay another 30% IUR.

IUR :(Means - Imposto Sobre Rendimentos).

You need to go to the Finance Office in Espargos and they will fill in a MOD.GPO13 form (IDENTIFICACAO DA ENTIDADE RESPONSAVEL PELA COBRANCA,which after completed by someone at the Finance Office, you can either take to any bank and pay what you owe or you can pay at the Finance Office by cheque or card (they won't accept cash at the Finance Office). Apparently this has to be paid in split payments i.e. 70% in January and 30% in July.

Even if you don't declare any earnings for the previous Financial year (runs Jan - Dec) you will still have to pay IUR for previous year. i.e. Non earnings declared Jan 06-Dec 06 you visit the Finance Office in Espargos in Jan 07 to pay IUR for the previous year.

If you are an Employee : You only need to pay IUR. The Finance Office will use 'Tabela de Retencao Mensal (a que se refere o artigo 5?)' to calculate how much IUR you need to pay, based on your earnings.

IVA :(IMPOSTO SOBRE O VALOR ACRESENTADO)- DECLARACAO PERIODICA - DO REGIME SIMPLIFICADO : MODELO - 107: This form has to be completed every 3 month period (see dates below).

5% of your earnings has to be paid every 3 months at the Finance Office in Espargos:
1st quarter - 30th April
2nd quarter - 31st July
3rd quarter - 31st October
4th quarter - 31st January .....

Take your invoice books with you to the Finance Office with the completed form Modelo -107. They will use your books to varify how much IVA you need to pay them.

Invoices & Finance Record books : you can take your MODEL-110 form or similar form to the Stationers next to Photo Viera Shop in Espargos and order and pay for (in advance) any books, invoice pads you require for your business, it may take 3 days for your books to arrive, they will phone you to come and collect them.

MOD.1A (CARATERISTICAS DA DECLARACAO): You have to take in your invoice books to Finance Office each April. Complete MOD.1A - It should include all expenditure for the past year. You may wish to employ an Accountant.

Invoicing clients: It is up to you how you charge your clients for the IVA you are going to have to pay, please take advice on those before you start setting and advertising your charges for services etc.

You may want to charge clients an equal amount of IVA. It could be equivalent to 5% or 15% IVA. It depends on how much IVA the Finance Office say you should pay when you set up your business and register it with them.

Employment: Those who are employed, earn a high level of income that is declared, or work differently to the above will have different conditions and other forms to complete.

Information : There is only one person working in the Finance Office in Espargos who speaks some English.

There are Accountants in Cape Verde who will be able to advise you (in some English) on what you should do. Some are Portuguese Accountants but have been accepted as Accountants in Cape Verde.

You need to make your own enquiries as to whether you should pay your taxes in your home country or in Cape Verde!


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