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Investing - Why are people trying to sell their property

Reasons for people to sell their property on Cape Verde Islands

There could be many reasons, but some have been:

The kids are grown up and don't want to come with us (parents) on holiday any longer.

Kids have families of their own and can't afford to bring them on holiday abroad.

My partner has now passed away

One or both partners lost their job

Disability or ill health of a partner

My partner doesn't want to live here, she doesn't like it / misses the grand kids! 

Getting divorced

Can't pay the mortgage

Situation at home has changed over last 5 yrs to when they bought the property

I/we just need the money.

Not many people who want to sell their property will say 'I made the wrong choice, or I made the wrong decision' to potential investors because people may ask, why?

They may have invested their pension or redundancy money into buying abroad, but their situation may have changed. 

There are obviously many more reasons why people want to sell, but if you think about the above and other scenarios, it may help you consider the future.

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