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Travel - Sal - Do you have useful contact details for Doctors, Police, Hospitals etc on Sal island

Travel - Sal - Do you have useful contact details for Doctors, Police, Hospitals etc on Sal island Doctors Clinics or Hospitals on Cape Verde Islands | Information produced by Cape Verde Tips

Health Care - Sal Island

Doctors' Surgery - Private Practice - Clinitur

Clinitur, Santa Maria
Open Mon-Fri 8-6p.m.. Sat: 8-3p.m., Sun 8-1p.m.
Tel:+238 242 1519, +238 242 9090
Emergency mobile: +238 9887075
Fax: +238 242 1519

E-mail: geral@cvtelecom.cv

Doctors’ Surgery - Private Practice - Medlab

Dra.Helga (speaks English)
Situated in Santa Maria
Open 9a.m.to 7p.m. Mon toFri. Sat and Sun 9a.m.to 1p.m.
Tel: +238 242 2242

M: +238 952 5058 

Doctor's Surgery - Private Practice - Santa Maria Clinic

Dr. Nuno (Speaks English)
Situated in Santa Maria
Dr Nuno is the main practitioner at Santa Maria Clinic. Another Doctor who works there lives in Murdeira (10mins out of Santa Maria). 
Their opening hours are Mon – Friday 0800 – 1900 hrs. Saturday ...... - ....... Sunday....... - ......

Dr. Nuno has an emergency call out telephone number for hotels. The number hotel staff would ring in an emergency is 982 54 06. However please note, normal fees during opening times at his Clinic is 20 Euros for a consultation. For emergency call outs hotel guests are required to pay 70 Euros. You can appreciate if a Doctor has been called out at night for an emergency, the daytime clinic may not open. In the past people living in Santa Maria would prefer to go to the hospital as they do not have the 70 euros emergency call out fee.

Nearest Pharmacy:

There is one situated along Rua Amilcar Cabral in Santa Maria. There are two others in Espargos.


There are two dentists in Espargos.

British Honorary Consul in Cape Verde

Based on:Santa Maria, Sal Island.

Snr. Tino Mosso

Tel: (00238) 9951043

E: tinossom@yahoo.co.uk

Police and Hospitals

National Police Station - Espargos: 241 1132

Judiciary Police: 241 1369/2296/2323

Local Police Station - Santa Maria : 242 1132

Nearest hospital: Small Hospital - Santa Maria (basic hospital) 242 1130

Main Hospital is in Espargos - Tel No: 241 1130

Paid Medical Services

Medical exams in Central and Regional Hospitals – 1,000 - 1,500 CVE;
Medical Exams in Health Centres – 500 - 750 CVE;
Emergency service in Central Hospitals - CVE 1,500;
Cost per day of internment in Central Hospitals - CVE 2,750;

Cost per day of internment in the Regional Hospitals - CVE 1,000

Vetinary Surgeon

Fatyma Santos - Santa Maria
Email: fatyma.santos@hotmail.com

Mobile: (00238) 9979461

Emergency Contacts

PLEASE NOTE: The main language here is Portuguese and Creole, English is not widely understood or spoken, more staff in the new hotels do speak English.

Emergency services (ambulance, police, fire):
National Emergency Services
Hospital – 130
Fire-fighter Corporation – 131
Police – 132
Judiciary Police – 800 11 34
National Information – 102

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