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Travel - Sal - What's the local transport like on Sal Island?

Arriving at an island - additional costs

When you arrive at any of the airports or ports on departure or arrival you will be greeted by eager locals wanting to carry your bags. Be careful for two reasons, one you don’t know who they are and two (even though they may be wearing yellow tabards or whatever), if they pick up your bags or get you a trolley to take them to your taxi or arranged transport, they will ask you for a payment. Take care of bags and personal goods.


If you are not being met by someone at Sal Airport, you will need to take a taxi to Santa Maria. There will be a number of taxi drivers waiting to take you to where you are staying, most of them don't speak English so have your details to hand, but it is much better if you can obtain a map showing exactly where you are staying. The cabs aren't supposed to park immediately outside the airport so you may want get a trolley. Taxi cabs should be clearly identifiable. They can charge up to 1000cve (10euros) but they are sometimes cheaper. On Sal they are blue cabs with a yellow stripe. There are Taxi's at ports and airports on other islands and the costs will vary due to distance from pick up to your destination. Always check the price of the trip before you get into a taxi.


Local mini bus transport is provided by an Aluger. From Sal airport, take a short walk to the main road and one will stop for you if they have room to take you and your luggage. Cost 1euro into Santa Maria. There are Alugers at ports on other islands and the costs vary due to distance form pick up to your destination.

There is some other info about taxi's under the various island reports.

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