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Travel - What is the best way to travel between the islands


The quickest way to travel to some islands is by plane. There are international airports on the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Santiago. There is a small operational airport for inter-island flights on the island of Maio. With all flights you would need to check their frequency. Some flights do not operate daily, others may only have one flight a day, so it may be difficult for you to arrange a day trip. 

Always check before your flight is due to depart that your name is on the flight list, sometimes they change people's flights or the plane is due to leave sooner than planned or is delayed.

There have been a few occasions where tourists have been stranded on an island for and extra day or so because of a problem with a plane and it has been grounded for repair, so they couldn't get back to another island in time to get their international flight home.

There are some ferry boat services operating between some islands, but you would need to check for their operational times or whether they are not running due to operational problems. There are currently no operational boats or ferries between Sal and Boavista.

Binter Cabo Verde have commenced internal flights between between 4 of the CV islands in 2016. Binter Cabo Verde will be a second operational arm to the very successful Binter Canarias group who, have a good reputation. The start or their operation in Cape Verde will be to some, a great alternative to TACV, Cabo Verde Express & Halcyon Air who have been providing inter-island flights in the past. Airports on some other islands will be built in the future.

Alternatively, there are a number of Travel Agencies in Cape Verde who can offer organised day trips to other islands. They may also offer multi island tours. 

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