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Weddings - Multi Question and Answer page

Q: Are blessings with a Pastor easy to arrange, we just need to know how late we can leave it to book?

A: We need to check that the Pastor and translator are available. There are three Pastors on Sal. Sometimes the Pastors are away on Church business on other islands, on holiday, or busy with other work on the day you are requesting for your service.

Q: Does the Pastor perform the ceremony reading in English?

A: The Pastor will not perform the reading in English, it will be read in the official language of Portuguese. We have to have a translator to voice what the Pastor is saying in English, sometimes a translator is available to speak in other languages too, if available and if required.

Q: Are single sex marriages performed in Cape Verde

A: Same sex relationships are permitted, but not same sex marriage.

Q: Who performs the ceremony readings as a 'Layperson'

A: One of our team can act as a Layperson at a Simplicity Ceremony or instead of a Pastor and Translator at a Family and Friends service. They are women or men that have experience with readings, some languages and have good customer care skills.

Q: Why do we have to have our ceremony around 17:00 hours

A: You don't have to but, it's better for a number or reasons. The lighting is better for photos as the sun starts to lower. The ceremony can be followed by a few drinks then on to dinner or other venue for the evening celebrations. A few of our team that act as a 'Layperson' for symbolic ceremonies have other commitments during the day and cannot make an earlier time. The ceremony held in summer months or earlier in day, can make those at ceremony uncomfortably hot. However, we have held some ceremonies earlier in the day with a Pastor and Translator.

Q: Can we have a Simpliity Ceremony or Family and Friends Ceremony on beach by the Riu?

A: The Riu Hotels do not permit people to hold wedding ceremonies in the hotel or on the beach in front of the hotel. If you are staying at the Riu, we can arrange for your ceremony to take place at another beach venue in Santa Maria.

Q: How do we confirm arrangements and organise the ceremony with you

A: We will provide you with your booking details, confirm any and update arrangements and any payments received. We prefer to liaise with you by email, using your initial email address provided (when you first submitted your enquiry form).

Q: Which international airlines fly into Sal Island and from where?

A: The following website provides information about Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island and, has the names of the international airlines that fly in and out of it, together with their destinations: AMILCAR CABRAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - SAL ISLAND

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