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Weddings - Can we travel to Sal from Boavista for a ceremony?

We have been asked by couples if its easy to travel by return flight or boat from Boa Vista Island to Sal Island on the same day, to have a ceremony. The answer to that is currently 'no'.

Some couples do book two centre (island) holidays, but usually only if they have the flexibility with travel days and budget.

TUI UK have flights from UK to Boa Vista Island and Sal Island to UK. We don't know if two centre holidays are offered by a TUI or other international operators.

We do not provide assistance with travel arrangements. You can contact your Tour Operator or local Travel Agencies in Cape Verde to enquire about inter island travel by boat or plane. Note: inter- island travel isn't always reliable here! We know there are sometimes problems with transport delays, cancellations, in-direct inter-island travel by boat between islands, over-booking on flights, boats and planes having mechanical problems.

For inter-island travel agencies and information in Cape Verde, please carry out an online search for 'Travel Agencies Cape Verde' or 'Tour Operators Cape Verde'.

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