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Weddings - What are 'Additional' wedding services?

Family and Friends ceremonies

We have previously arranged a number of 'Family and Friends ceremonies for groups between 10-70 people. However post covid-19 we decided it was necessary to review the services we offered.

From July 2022, the 'Family and Friends' services will be offered through our service partner. For this ceremony you may require other additional services, such as transport, professional photographer, after celebration drinks or venue for a wedding reception, meal or party, all at additional costs.

Ceremonies held by us at some hotels and, at the front of their hotel, when using their services, may not require an additional authorisation permit.

Accommodation and flights are not organised by us.

Simplicity Packages

The Simplicity Package we offer is different to the 'Family & Friends' service. In most cases, for a Simplicity Ceremony, we need to arrange for the beach authorities to provide us with a beach permit. Please note again, as previously explained, there are some areas of beach or near some hotels, where we do not provide a beach ceremony.

Simplicity Package

Family and Friends

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