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Weddings - What are your payment requirements?

September 2022 : The following will be under review:

Simplicity Package: 75 Euro non-refundable reservation fee for the Simplicity Package.

Family and Friends: Payment arrangements can be discussed with our service partner once requirements are clarified. 

Additional costs on the day i.e. for transport, photographer, Pastor, translator, drinks etc to be paid in addition to the service fee.

Those having arrangements made for after ceremony meals or dinner will need costings for that service which may need to be paid for by the couple separately.

There's a need to review your request and check that people, venues and services are all available on a particular date before agreeing what can/can’t be provided or what you wish to include/not include and provide you with the costs. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed with a booking.

Payments can be confirmed by email.

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