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Weddings - What wedding services do you offer on Sal?

What wedding services do you offer on Sal?

We offer Symbolic ceremonies. We do not offer assistance with Civil (legal) marriages.

Symbolic ceremonies

Simplicity Packages: For couples looking for a small ceremony on the beach (just for two).

Family and Friends: For those who wish to have a ceremony attended by guests will now be offered by our service partner.

Ceremony readings can be a Love and Devotion Reading, Religious Blessings reading, Renewal of Vows, Newly Wed readings, Pre-commitment readings.

Readings can be performed by a Pastor of the Nazaren Church or by a Layperson (one of our team).

The Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene does not have the legal authority to perform a Civil (legal) marriage.

The Pastor from the Church of the Nazarene and the Layperson will perform 'Symbolic' marriages only. The Pastor delivers the cermony in the Portuguese language, a translator may be needed to translate to another language.

We do not provide services involving the Catholic Church or the Notory (Registrar).

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