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Felicia the cat wants to introduce herself to your readers

Felicia the cat on Cape Verde Islands

Felicia the cat wants to introduce herself to your readers

Cheryl Thomas - Thursday, April 06, 2017
Felicia the cat wants to introduce herself to your readers

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Felicia the cat and I was born on Brava, one of the most remote islands of Cape Verde.

Brava is o.k.

It is quite overgrown with flowers, weeds and bushes. Ideal for hunting mice and lizards.

Although I do not like the taste of the lizards, they are great fun to play with. I always have a laugh when they loose their tail.

And there are trees. I love trees. The higher the better. I love climbing them: great views and offering a safe hiding place.

Unfortunately there are dogs on Brava. Too many. I hate dogs - they chase you, are noisy and are not civilized. They do not burry their droppings as we do.

The Neighbours!

My neighbour is called Andrea. We are more or less the same age but she is not friendly, at least not to me. Male cats, well,  that's another story: Andrea loves them all. And they love her, loads of them! Andrea (not surprisingly) soon had two sons. They came over to my house because Andrea chased them off as it was more important to her to be fooling around with her lovers.

I say was; because something strange happened. We (Andrea, her boys and me) were put in a box and brought to a place where there were even more cats and dogs waiting for something. There was a weird smell. As soon I was freed from my box I felt a sting in my hind-leg and suddenly fell asleep. I just could see Andrea doze off as well.

When I woke up I was in my own house, feeling sick. I had to vomit, felt dizzy and could not walk. After some time I felt better but some days later I realized that I had lost all sexual interest. I was never like Andrea (maybe something was put in my food?). Soon I found out Andrea had also changed: she had lost all interest in the guys she used to love so much. Her sons, who used to be quite cocky, had now become softies.

I do not care to much about having my own babies. Life is busy enough. Especially if you are moving house as I did. But I will tell you about that later.

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