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News 2020 - Cape Verde - June

News 2020 - Cape Verde - June

01-Jun-2020 News 2020 - Cape Verde - June News 2020 - June - covid-19 situation in Cape Verde

News from Cape Verde - June 2020

If you haven't followed the news page for March 17th - 31st May 2020, then you can view those news posts by clicking on: News - Covid 19 March-April-May 2020.

June News: The links below will take you to the full articles that appear in the news during June 2020 which are updated very day (when possible). 

If you are having difficulties understanding the information in the articles, Google provides a free translation option. 

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Google Photo Album by Cape Verde Tips - June 2020 - Keep checking the Google Album by Cape Verde Tips - June 2020 for new photos and videos added throughout the month of June!

8th - Camara Municipal do Sal will carry out Rapid tests on the population in Santa Maria at the large football stadium 'Djidjuka' near the secondary school at the back of Santa Maria between 9a.m. - 3p.m. on 9th June 2020.

8th - 13 more cases recorded in Praia, Santiago. (Opais - 8.6.20)

Travel - South Africa announced it will be closed to international travel until February 2021. Domestic tourists will be able to move around South Africa in December 2020. (Travel and Leisure - 4.6.20)

7th - The day in review (Expresso das Ilhas - 7.6.20)

7th - Positive: Ilha da Boa Vista registered yet another positive case, after the last one recorded in April. This new case registered on Ilha das Dunas was imported from Ilha do Sal. Also in Cidade da Praia, there were 11 more positive cases. (Opais - 7.6.20)

6th - The day in review (Expresso das Ilhas - 6.6.20)

6th - 5 people who traveled from Sal Island to the island of Sao Vicente have today, tested positive for covid-19. Another person on Santiago has also recorded a positive result. (Facebook: Governo de Cabo Verde Boletim - 6.6.20)

5th - Coronavirus: The day in review (Expresso das Ilhas - 5.6.20)

5th - Measures to resume national and international flights announced next week (Expresso das Ilhas - 5.6.20)

5th - The Cape Verde Government wants more virology laboratories in Santiago and on the island of Sal (Expresso das Ilhas 5.6.20)

5th - Laboratory for testing is inaugurated on Sao Vicente (Sapo - 5.6.20)

5th - Boa Vista with two positives in rapid tests. Note and Update following this article: The PCR test results were confirmed as NEGATIVE later in day. (Opais - 5.6.20)  

5th - 4 new cases on Sal, another 30 on the island of Santiago. (Expresso das Ilhas - 5.6.20)

Sal Island - Espargos - Thursday 4th June 2020: Huge queues of people who went to these areas, before an announcement of the screening of the covid-19 virus, which should take place during three days. (Sapo - 5.6.20)

5th - Covid-19 / São Nicolau: Antibodies detected in a passenger from Sal. The result of the PRC test is now awaited to confirm whether or not it is a case of coronavirus infection. (A Nacao - 5.6.20)

4th - Two of the passengers who came on a repatriation flight to Praia from Brazil are contaminated with the Covid-19 coronavirus. (Inforpress - 4.6.20)

4th - Covid-19: Cape Verde expects to test 6,000 people in virus seroprevalence study. (Sapo - 4.6.20)

4th - Covid-19. Today, a total of 25 new cases were recorded, 18 from Praia, and 7 from Santa Cruz as well as a total of 92 negative samples.(Opais - 4.6.20)

4th - Sal Health Police Station informs the population of the city of Espargos that of today, June 4th, they will carry out rapid tests for COVID-19 in the community with the aim of assessing the health condition of the island.

4th - COVID-19: WWF concerned about increasing plastic in the sea with masks and gloves. (Sapo - Lifestyle)

3rd - Covid-19: Cape Verde strengthens health team in Sal with 11 more technicians (Sapo - 3.6.20)

3rd - Covid-19 / Ilha do Sal: Health authorities on the ground “hunting” for asymptomatic cases to discover outbreak of the virus. (Inforpress - 3.6.20)

Video (3rd June 2020) - Santa Maria, South Coast, Sal, Cape Verde (By Adrian Shaw)

3rd - WHO: clinical trials with hydroxychloroquine will continue in the group of more than 3,500 volunteer patients from 35 countries. (Opais - 3.6.20)

3rd - The Day in Review - 3rd June 2020 (Expresso das Ilhas)

3rd - Cabo Verde: Covid-19 .... tests required before inter-island travel – Official (Macau Business - 3.6.20)

3rd - 11 new cases on Santiago island. (Expresso das Ilhas - 3.6.20)

2nd - Looking back on the day of the 2nd June 2020. (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.6.20)

2nd - IMP on covid-19: It's not just Sal Island beaches and use of them that the Cape Verde Maritime Authorities are concerned about, it's beaches and the use of them on other islands too. (Mindel Insite - 2.6.20)

2nd - The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo pioneer the development of good practices for Portugal in dealing with covid-19. Is this the future for travel? (Madeira Island News - 28th May 20)

2nd - The day in review and what happened with news updates on the corona virus in Cape Verde on 2nd June 2020. (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.6.20)

2nd - Maritime travel from Sal to the other islands is suspended. (TCV - 2.6.20)

2nd - How did the first case on Sal come about? (Noticias do Norte - 2.6.20)

2nd - IMP on covid-19: It's not just Sal Island beaches and use of them that the Cape Verde Maritime Authorities are concerned about. (Mindelinsite - 2.6.20)

2nd - The Cape Verde Port Authorities IMP - Instituto Marítimo Portuário have stated that the rules must be followed or the beaches will be closed again. The following link was translated by Google: {module_literature filter="item" itemId="150477"}

2nd -  Ilha do Sal registered three more cases of Covid-19, bringing to four the number of cases registered in just two days. (Opais - 2.6.20)

2nd - DNS warns that all islands are at risk of having Covid-19 cases. (Noticias do Norte - 2.6.20)

1st June 2020 - São Vicente currently has 279 quarantined people. (Noticias do Norte - 1.6.20)

1st June 2020 - Covid-19: 62 passengers from Sal quarantined in São Nicolau. (A Nacao - 1.6.20)

1st June 2020 - Sal Island registers 2nd positive case of Covid-19 (RCV - 1.6.20)

1st June 2020 - Covid-19. Cape Verde with 22 more new cases. Sal has first case (Opais - 1.6.20)

1st June 2020 - São Vicente with 119 quarantined people following the case of the pregnant patient infected with covid-19. (Noticias do Norte - 1.6.20)


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