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News 2020 - Covid-19 - News updates 17th March to 31st May 2020

News 2020 - Covid-19 - News updates 17th March to 31st May 2020

18-Mar-2020 News 2020 - Covid-19 - News updates 17th March to 31st May 2020 Cape Verde - Flight and Port ban - Covid-19 updates and local news - Sal Island, Cape Verde.

News updates from 1st June 2020 will now appear on: News - June 2020

An announcement was made yesterday by the President, that the State of Emergency on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde would END the night of 28th (morning of 29th) May 2020.

We'll set up another News Feed for June 2020, however that will have limited post updates. It will also include links to some news sources which you can follow which may be in Portuguese, therefor you may need to set up your own translation facility on your device, via Google or other provider.

NOTE: Due to the impact of covid-19, a number of changes will be introduced within the tourist industry and to all types of tourist activities, therefor some of the information on this website, or others, may not take into account those changes.

For those unfamiliar with places and islands: There are 9 inhabited island in the archipelago : - Santa Maria and Espargos are on the island of Sal. Mindelo is on the island of Sao Vicente. Praia (the capital City) is on the island of Santiago. Sal Rei is on the island of Boa Vista. The other inhabited islands are: Santo Antao, Brava, Fogo, Maio and Sao Nicolau.

Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

Blog Post link: TRAVEL-BAN-CAPE VERDE (7.4.2020)

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Covid-19 - Updates 17th March - 31st May 2020

- Covid-19 (31st May 2020) In addition to the positive case of the pregnant woman on the island of Sao Vicente, another 13 cases were recorded yesterday on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 31.5.20)

- 31st: Sal Island - 31st May : Covid-19 - The pregnant girl from the island of Sal transferred to Mindelo hospital is officially positive. People with whom she had contact both in Sal and São Vicente have been quarantined (Opais - 31.5.20)

- 30th: Covid-19: Boa Vista - Beaches open from today on Boa Vista Island. (A Nacao - 30.5.20)

- 30th: Interesting articles about changes facing the travel industry via The Moodie Devitt Report. Post: 12th May - The first pilot flight with passengers using the hi+Card digital health passport is set to arrive in The Canary Islands in July. (Moodie Davitt Report)

- 30th: Relatives of the pregnant woman evacuated from Sal to HBS showed negative results to rapid tests of COVID-19. They now await the result of the PCR test before reaching conclusions that confirm whether in fact the pregnant woman from Sal Island, was negative or positive for covid-19. (Noticias Do Norte - 30.5.20)

- 30th: Covid-19. Praia with 16 new cases in the last three days (Opais - 30.5.20)

- 29th: Covid-19: São Vicente has 41 people in quarantine, most of them health professionals. (Noticias Do Norte - 29.5.20).

- INPS and the suspension of employment contracts. By Kimze Brito (Mindel IN SITE - 25.5.20)

- 29th: Cape Verde plans to re-open its borders to International flights from 1st July 2020. https://www.facebook.com/notes/governo-de-cabo-verde/comunicado-amplo-programa-sanit%C3%A1rio-para-garantir-a-retoma-da-atividade-tur%C3%ADstic/2654667938154982/

- Website: Ministry of Health and Social Security - It's up to all of us to slow the spread of COVID-19. Everyone, including young and healthy people, should avoid large gatherings during this time. Stay up to date with public health guidelines: http://www.minsaude.gov.cv/index.php

- Pregnant woman with medical difficulties was evacuated from Sal to Sao Vicente, has received a rapid test this morning, which revealed the presence of positive antibodies to Covid-19.. The information was confirmed to A NAÇÃO by the director of Hospital Baptista de Sousa, Ana Brito. (Mindel Insite - 29.5.20)

- 29th May 20:- Cape Verde re-opens its borders to International flights from 1st July 2020. https://www.facebook.com/notes/governo-de-cabo-verde/comunicado-amplo-programa-sanit%C3%A1rio-para-garantir-a-retoma-da-atividade-tur%C3%ADstic/2654667938154982/

- 29.5.20: Passenger trips to and from Santiago Island will be from June 30. This announcement was made this morning by the Prime Minister, in a declaration to the country, in which he announced the plans for nationwide deflation. Cultural and sporting events will resume from October 31. As of next Monday, June 1, the restrictions that forced restaurants to close their services until 9 pm will be lifted throughout the national territory. (Opais - 29.5.20)

- The President announced today that the State of Emergency ends on the island of Santiago tonight, therefor it ends in Cape Verde. (Opias - 28.5.2020)

- Cape Verde today received a shipment of 40 tonnes of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) purchased by the Cape Verdean government from China for 2.8 million euros and financed by the World Bank, announced the prime minister. (Noticias ao Minito - 28.5.20)

- The simplified model for suspending all employment contracts in Cape Verde came into force at the beginning of April, for a period of three months, covering companies that communicated because of the crisis caused by the pandemic. With this governmental measure, workers receive 70% of their gross salary, which will be paid in equal parts by the employer and the State, through the National Institute of Social Security (INPS). (Expresso das Ilhas - 27.5.20)

- 28th: It's 'Feel Good Thursday' guys...... a nice little video of a local dance group in Santa Maria, Sal Island. We'll be waiting for you. (Youtube - Turismo Seguro - 27.5.20)

- 28th : No tests were carried out this Wednesday at the Virology Laboratory in the City of Praia due to problems related to some reagents that were deteriorated. Four more suspected cases on Praia, Santiago. (RCV - 28.5.20)

- Spanish authorities are promoting a commercial return flight for European citizens on Friday between the Cape Verdean islands of Boa Vista and Sal and the archipelago of Las Palmas, a diplomatic source told Lusa. (Noticias ao Minuto - 27.5.20)

- TAP to provide two flights a week from Sal to Lisbon from 4th July 2020. Click for more info on proposed TAP flights. (Routes Online).

- 83 Cape Verdeans who were stuck in Brazil were flown back to Cape Verde on Monday. There are more flights organised to bring Cape Verdeans back from other countries. (RCV - 26.5.20)

- COVID-19: "Technical problem" with test package prevents disclosure of results. (Expresso das Ilhas - 26.5.20)

- In the first two weeks, after the resumption of passenger transport, that is, from 11 to 24 May, CV Interilhas transported 8,840 passengers and 5,800 tons of cargo, including 1,425 vehicles. (RCV - 26.5.20)

- Fourth death confirmed by covid-19 in Cape Verde, third in HAN (RCV - 26.5.20)

- Cape Verde: Preparation underway to resume International tourism on Sal Island from July. The date for international tourism resumption on Boa Vista Island, suggested as from September. (RCV - 26.5.20)

- From 25th May, the use of masks in Cape Verde becomes mandatory. (VOA - 25.5.20)

- Patient with covid-19 on the island of Santiago dies ( Expresso das Ilhas 26.5.20)

- The island of Sal is preparing for the resumption of tourism (Opais - 26.5.20)

- Another 6 suspected cases today, one of the island of Boa Vista, five on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 26.5.20)

- For those interested in returning to the UK from Sal Island on 3rd June 2020 (UK Government - 25.5.2020)

- Ten more positive cases in Praia on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde (Opais - 25.5.20)

- For further information on sailing times between islands, and costs, contact CV Interilhas via their website:  https://www.cvinterilhas.cv/home

- Patient who escaped from HBS is not Covid-19 sick (Opais - 24.5.20)

- 23rd May - Santiago Island: Praia neighborhoods mobilized for rapid mass testing. (Expresso das Ilhas - 23.5.20)

- 23rd: Praia registers nine more positive cases and 11 recovered. (Expresso das Ilhas 23.5.20)

- Official announcement - Beaches on Sal to open from 23rd, some beach areas would open at different times, some remain closed. The timetables for Sal and Boa Vista are included in this Google Album. Swimmers and the beaches had to be cleared of people by 18:00hrs in Santa Maria. The public must keep 2mtrs apart from those not in family group. As in other Google albums if you open each video or image you may find some with comments: GOOGLE PHOTOS - 23rd May 2020

- 21st and 22nd May there was some confusion following articles in the newspaper over the date for the opening of the beaches on Sal. Here are some photos and short videos taken over those two days. As in other Google albums if you open each video or image you may find some with comments. GOOGLE-PHOTOS-21st-22nd-May-2020

- Praia registered six more positive cases and 35 cases of recovery in the last hours. (Opais - 22.5.20)

-  EU and Cape Verde launch cooperation in electronic identification / digital signature. (Opais - 22.5.20)

- The city of Praia has seven more cases of COVID-19 and the island of Boa Vista no longer has active cases. These are the main data from the daily communiqué of the Ministry of Health and Social Security, released today. (Expresso das Ilhas - 21.5.2020)

- 21st May -  Before end June, the interconnected air connections should resume, and in the following month (July), international connections are estimated. With the resumption of flights, tourism can start again as long as health safety aspects are safeguarded. (Opais - 21.5.20)

- 19th May  - Bathing beaches reopen "soon" but with several restrictions. The seaside bathing beaches, closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be reopened, soon, on the islands that are not in a state of emergency, with the exception of Boa Vista. Access is subject to compliance with health protection standards, namely social distance, at least two meters. Offenders will be fined between 5 and 75 thousand escudos, the IMP announced today.  (Expresso das Ilhas  - 19.5.20)

- The Cape Verde Ministry of Health today confirmed eight more people infected with covid-19 in the municipality of Praia, bringing the country's accumulated to 336 cases of the disease in two months. (Sapo - 19.5.20)

- 18th May: Six suspected covid-19 cases on the island of Santiago. (Expresso das Ilhas - 18.5.20)

- Hotel workers Meliã Dunas have waited for two months for 35% of INPS (RCV - 18.5.20)

- 18th May: TAP Air Portugal moves Porto – Ilha do Sal launch to August 2020 (Expresso das Ilhas 18.5.20)

- 18th May: Face-to-face classes for students in the 12th grade start today, 18, but they are not mandatory, said the national director of Education, adding that the measure does not include the municipalities of Santiago. (Expresso das Ilhas - 18.5.20)

- 18th May: The Ministry of Health and Social Security hereby inform you that, for technical reasons no exams were carried out in the virology laboratory during the weekend. Equipment is under maintenance and efforts are being made to have some results even today. Health services already have an indication to keep all suspicious cases in isolation and, all people who are in quarantine, must comply with the guidelines of the health delegacies, namely stay at home, physical distance, the use of masks and washing frequent and regular hands with soap and water. Rapid tests can be applied in specific situations.Exam results will be released as soon as possible. We count on everyone's collaboration and understanding.   #COVID19  #COVID19_CV #GovernodeCaboVerde

- The Government will organize the repatriation of Cape Verdeans, including students, who are retained outside the country and intend to return, but will be subject to covid-19 tests and mandatory quarantine. (Sapo - 18.5.20)

- The Portuguese Government have produced a manual for the use of beaches in Portugal this summer. There are measures to access the beaches, namely right from the parking lot, as well as to distance people and awnings. Several rules have been defined for the hygiene and use of beach support, and also for street vendors. (Eco-Sapo.pt - 17.5.20)

- Patient with covid-19 who was critically ill at HAN (RTC) on Santiago dies. This Saturday, the 65-year-old individual, infected with the new coronavirus, died and was hospitalized in critical condition at Hospital Agostinho Neto, in Praia. Also some other news about 2 more positive cases, suspected and negative cases. (Opais - 16.5.20)

- After several years of expectation, inhabitants of Pedra de Lume will soon be able to build on the ground that saw them born. In case, the cradle of the island of Sal will no longer be “out of the mark”, as sung by Uziel Sança.

- 15th: Cabo Verde Airlines penniless: SITTHUR demands quick payment of overdue workers' wages. (Asemana - 15.5.20)

- 15th - The Cape Verde Government has NOT as yet announced lifting the travel ban for international passenger flights. However, some flights into Cape Verde are being advertised for sale, such as TUI FLY from Belgium from 20th June into Sal or Boa Vista (one way) for around 200 Euros. (TUI - 15.5.20)

- Cape Verde hotels and restaurants will have to go through certification processes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in order to compete for tourists who want to travel “safely”, the Government announced Thursday 14th. (Expresso Das Ilhas - 15.5.20)

- 15th: Santiago - Cape Verde registers eleven new cases and the number of counties already affected by COVID-19 rises to six, with Santa Cruz registering the first positive case. (Expresso das I;has - 15.5.20)

- Cape Verde hotels and restaurants will have to go through certification processes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in order to compete for tourists who want to travel “safely”, the Government announced Thursday 14th. (Expresso das Ilhas - 14.5.20)
- Covid-19 : 26 more new cases registered positive in Praia today on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 14.5.20)

- State of emergency extended to 29th May, only on the island of Santiago (not Boa Vista).  (Opais - 13.5.20).

- The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, will communicate to the country this Wednesday about his decision to renew or not the state of emergency on the islands of Santiago and Boa Vista.(Sapo - 13.5.20)

- Covid-19 / Tourism. TUI Group will lay off 8,000 workers. (Opais - 13.5.20)

- 12th: Ministry of Health orders 880 randomized tests to be carried out. It is about knowing the degree of the presence of the virus in society. In Santiago there will be 530 tests, in Boa Vista there will be 250 and in São Vicente, 100. (Sapo - 12.5.20)  

- Sea connection Sal / São Nicolau / São Vicente with sold out tickets for this week. It should be noted that the capacity of the Inter-islands ship, which is 300 people, was reduced by 50 percent (%), that is, to 150 people. Tickets on the Sal / São Nicolau route cost 2,669 $ 00, while Sal / São Vicente costs 2,726 $ 00. With the resumption of inter-island connections, passengers are targets for temperature measurement, baggage disinfection, mandatory use of masks and distance within the vessel. (Noticias do Norte - 12.5.20)

- European Commission - Crisis Management and Solidarity

- Seven more positive cases of Covid-19 in Praia on Santiago - 12th May. (Opais - 12.5.20)

- Masks for sale from today (Expresso das Ilhas 11.5.20)

- The port of Porto Novo (Island of Santo Antao) woke up today under a great bustle of people and vehicles, marking the resumption of maritime passenger transport between São Vicente and Santo Antão, interrupted since the end of March. (Sapo - 11.5.20)

- 10th: The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, today called for a reinforcement of measures to prevent covid-19 in the islands of Santiago and Boa Vista, which are five days from the end of the third period of state of emergency. (Sapo - 10-5-20)                          


- Boa Vista - The only pharmacy on the island does not have masks, gels and other health devices useful to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Sapo - 10.5.20)

- Three more suspected cases on Sao Vicente (Opais - 10.5.20)

- 10 more positive cases in Praia on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 10.5.20)

- More than 1 million surgical masks and 16,000 rapid tests arrived in the country. The equipment arrived yesterday (9th) on a health flight by Emprofac, in an investment of 1.2 million Euros (Opais - 10.5.20)

- Sal Island - 9th May: Suspected corona virus case is stable and six more family members are quarantined. (Sapo - 9.5.20)

- Portugal to extend suspension of flights outside the European Union. (Dinheiro Vivo - 9.5.20)

- The PM speaks to the country. Maritime connections resumed on May 11. The decision on Domestic flights will be made later this month. (Opais - 8.5.20)

- 12 more positive cases in Praia, 6 people recovered. (Opais - 8.5.20)

- Many people in Praia on the island of Santiago are ignoring the State of Emergency conditions (TCV - 7.5.20)

- Taxis on the island of Sal will now have front and rear seat separating visors. (Sap - 7.5.20)

Covid-19. Sal and São Vicente report suspected cases (1 suspected case on each island) - (Opais - 6.5.20)

- Another 5 cases of covid-19 in Praia reported today (Opais - 6.5.20)

- 2.6 million masks to arrive in Cape Verde in two weeks time. (Digital Africa 21 - 5.5.20)  

- The President of the Republic is concerned about the attitude of certain people, who insist on disobeying “fundamental orders and instructions” in a state of emergency regime. (Opais - 4.5.20)  

- 10 more positive cases in Praia (Opais - 4.5.20)

- Covid-19: National Stadium (Santiago) is being prepared to host infected people - authorities (Inforpress - 3.5.20)  

- Praia registers 13 mre cases of covid-19 (Opais - 3.5.20)

- The European Commission advises against European citizens traveling outside the European Union (EU) until the end of the year or until covid-19 is "in a stable situation", with available treatment, in order to avoid cases of people being detained in third countries. (SIC Noticias - 3.5.20)

- Government prepares reactivation of air and sea connections between islands.(Sapo - 2.5.20)

- 30 more positive cases of Covid-19 in Praia on the island of Santiago. ( Opais - 2.5.20)

- Testing of samples has been reduced to only 30 per day, which means results of tests can take up to 72 hours. ( A Nacao 1.5.20)

- The President of the Republic extends the state of Emergency on the islands fo Boa Vista and Santiago. (Opais - 1.5.20).

- Another person dies of Covid-19 in Cape Verde (Opais - 1.5.20)

- Almost 200,000 Britons visited Cape Verde in 2019, which is equivalent to a quarter of the 819,308 guests that the archipelago's hotels received, which increased 7% compared to 2018. (Observador - 30.2.20)
- Cape Verde today registered three more positive cases of the new coronavirus in the capital (Praia on Santiago), increasing the cumulative total to 116, informed the Ministry of Health and Social Security. (Sapo - 30.4.20)

- All privatization or concession processes of public companies in Cape Verde are suspended due to the context created by the covid-19 pandemic, the deputy prime minister, Olavo Correia, announced today in parliament. (Mundo ao Minuto - 28.4.20)

- Wearing of Masks and the rules:

The Decree-Law No. 47/2020 of 25 April , establishes rules for the use of face masks as a measure complementary to limit the transmission of SARS-Cov 2 (COVID19) in the community, as well as other hygiene measures and prevention of contagion and health surveillance, due to the principle of public health precaution.

Article 2
Principle of precaution in public health

1. The measures provided for in this law are provisional in nature and are deemed necessary to ensure a high level of protection of community health.
2. Measures taken in the light of the precautionary principle in public health should be reassessed within a reasonable time, depending on the nature of the risk to
life or health and the type of scientific information needed to clarify scientific uncertainty and proceed with a more comprehensive risk assessment.
3. The measures also obey the principle of proportionality and should not impose more restrictions than necessary to achieve the desired level of protection , taking into account their technical and economic viability and other factors considered legitimate.

Article 3
Use of face masks

1. The use of face masks in closed indoor spaces with multiple people is mandatory, as a measure of additional protection against social distance, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

2. Activities whose realization or access requires the use of facial masks are considered to be all those that involve contact with the public, namely in the sectors of health, education, transport, whether maritime, air or land, banking, port and airport , hotel, restaurant, commerce, industry and services, as well as cultural, sports and recreational.

3. The mandatory use of face masks applies particularly to workers in the public and private sectors whose functions imply direct contact with the public, as well as the users and clients of these services.

4. Face masks, when mandatory under the terms of the present diploma, are considered a work tool and as such must be guaranteed free
of charge by the employer, to workers and service providers, whether in the public or private sector, in quantity and typology that obey the norms of the
present diploma and its regulation, namely, with regard to its durability.

Article 4

1. For the purposes of this law, facial masks are classified according to:
a) Application, in medical and non-medical;
b) Typology, in surgical, respiratory protection (respirators) and social or community use;
c) Protection level, in FFP (filtering face piece) and other levels to be regulated;
d) Susceptibility to reuse, in disposable or reusable.

2. Health professionals, people with respiratory symptoms and people entering and circulating in health establishments, public or private, must wear surgical or respiratory protection masks, and health establishments should arrange for users to seek their services. have access to suitable masks for the purpose.

3. The most vulnerable people, namely those over 65, with chronic illnesses and immunosuppression states should wear surgical masks whenever
they leave home.

4. Professionals from civil protection services, security and military forces, firefighters, distributors of essential household goods, employees in homes and the integrated and continuous care network and funeral directors must also wear surgical masks. or respiratory protection (FFP) whenever, during the exercise of their functions, they are unable to maintain a safe distance.

5. Other professionals and users of the services referred to in the previous article may use non-medical, social or community use masks.

6. Non-medical masks, for social or community use, must be designed and used in accordance with the specifications of measures and materials to be approved by a joint Ordinance of Government members responsible for the areas of health, commerce and industry , which also defines the minimum requirements for the level of protection and the capacity for filtration and breathability, the method of use, as well as the hygiene measures that must accompany its use, in particular, counters and seats must be sanitized frequently in the intervals of calls.

For more information, see Decree-Law No. 47/2020 of April 25

- Five more positive cases reported in Praia on Santiago. (Opais - 28.4.20)

- The National Assembly was being disinfected at mid-morning on Monday, 27, on the recommendation of health authorities. In question, suspected cases of coronavirus in three individuals, two deputies and a general services employee. Detail: one of the deputies who is waiting for the tests is contact of the woman who escaped to the quarantine to go to the party , had an accident, paralyzed the operating room for 24 hours, and the result was negative. But then it was proved positive for Covid-19. (SantiagoMagazine - 27.4.20)

- TUI Belgium and TUI fly Belgium announced the cancellation of all trips and flights until 7 June, postponing by 3 more weeks the restarting date, the companies said on their respective website. (Aviation24 - 27.4.20)

- Information was advanced this afternoon by the Director of the Services for Prevention and Control of Diseases, Jorge Barreto, stressing that the bulk of this number is in Praia, 305. (Opais - 27.4.20)

- New cases of covid-19 reported in Cape Verde. Cases just reported are from the islands of Santiago, 2, and Boa Vista, 1, bringing the total number of cases in Cape Verde to 109. (Opais - 27.4.20)

- Fines of 15 to 500 contos for companies that do not comply with the use of masks. (Expresso das Ilhas - 26.4.20)

- Beaches must remain closed. InformeIMPCovid-19: Frequency ban on the bathing beaches of the country AFTER Emergency State ends..............................The IMP (MARITIME PORTS), informs the whole population that in the context of the restrictions announced by the government for the post-state of Emergency, and in order to strengthen the social distance, the frequency of the bathing beaches of the country in accordance with the Circular #2th of March 20  It is recalled that the end of the state of emergency does not mean the end of the covid-19 or the end of the possibilities of infection and infection.....  The bathing beaches will be allowed as soon as the safety conditions permit. (IMP - 26.4.20)

- As from Monday 27th April 2020, the following rules will be maintained:


1-At the end of the period of the state of emergencies, interislands and social distancing measures are maintained, which may be:
(a) the prohibition of international air and maritime connections, with the exceptions provided for in Article 3 of this Diploma;
(b) a ban on public events, in open or closed spaces, regardless of their nature;
(c) a ban on the operation of food establishments after 21 hours, notably bars, restaurants and terraces, with a total prohibition of consumption in open spaces, and the capacity of the capacity of 1/3;
(d) the operating ban on all nighttime facilities, notably clubs and similar;
(e) the operation of gyms, gymnasies, martial arts, gymnastics and similar schools;
(f) restriction on visits to homes and centres where elderly people, to hospitals and other health establishments and to prison establishments;
(g) Maintenance of the rules of the organization of the public services, in the organization of queues and the minimum safety distance.
2-The restriction measures provided for in the preceding paragraph are still in force throughout the national territory, and are progressively lifted, according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation in each island.

- Mandatory masking and extended testing in the post-State of Emergency. The use of masks becomes mandatory and the tests will be extended in order to identify asymptomatic cases, including on islands where there is no record of positive cases. (A Nacao - 24.4.20)

- A total of 64 samples were analyzed, in the last hours, at the Virology Laboratory, in the Capital of the Country (Praia), only six were positive for the disease. Of this range, 58 samples were negative for the disease. These were samples pending from the island of Sal, 11; Tarrafal de Santiago, 13; 26 from Praia and 8 from São Vicente island. (Opais - 24.4.20)

- On islands with no confirmed cases of Covid-19, the state of emergency ends at midnight on Sunday, 26. ((Opais - 23-4.20)

- This Thursday, 23, a total of 327 people are quarantined, mostly in Praia, 223. At Tarrafal de Santiago there are 45 people, at Sal 20, 9 in Porto Novo, 6 in Santa Catarina. The remaining cases are in Paúl 3, São Nicolau 4, São Vicente 7, and 8 in Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão. The President of the National Institute of Public Health, Maria da Luz Lima, who was also present at the press conference, stressed that eleven samples from the island of Sal arrived in Praia, which will be processed and analyzed on the 24th April. (Opais - 23.4.20)

- Information was released this afternoon by the National Health Director, on the day that it became known that there were 5 more new cases of Covid-19 in Praia. Artur Correia informed, at the usual press conference, that Cape Verde registered in the last 24 hours, nine more suspected cases of the new coronavirus, three in Praia, two in Santa Catarina, one in Tarrafal de Santiago, one in Sal and two in Boa Vista. There are, however, 116 pending nationally, 23 in Praia, one in Santa Catarina de Santiago, one in Tarrafal de Santiago, 11 in Sal and 80 in Boa Vista. (Opais - 22.4.20)

- Five more positive cases on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 22.4.20)  

- The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announces the suspension of Cape Verde Airlines from the BSP. Despite the fact that the airline has not yet made any official statement, sources consulted by Preferente explain that this decision is usually adopted when a bankruptcy occurs. (Preferente - 22.4.20)

- Boa Vista: Two babies in isolation with mothers who tested positive. (Noticias do Norte - 21.4.20)

- Current situation in the Cape Verde Islands with Covid-19: https://covid19.cv/

- Blog Post : TRAVEL-BAN-CAPE VERDE (7.4.2020) 

- The four workers at the Hotel Riu Karamboa, who were informed yesterday afternoon by the Boa Vista Health Police that they had tested positive for COVID-19, are already in isolation. Around 8 pm people started to collect from their homes. We found that along with the four cases we had announced, at least four more people followed for isolation, including a child. (Sapo -20.4.20)

- This morning, Cape Verde received a set of individual protection materials from China, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luís Filipe Tavares, assured the public radio. (Opais - 20.4.20)

- The city of Praia registered this Sunday, 19, three more positive cases of coronavirus, following the follow-up measures and identification of contacts from the already known cases. (Santiago Magazine - 19.4.20)

- The Ministry of Health and Social Security, in a statement, considers that: “the news advanced yesterday by the“ Jornal on-line Notícias do Norte ”, at 11:19 pm, modified at 12:37 am, on“ Three more confirmed positive cases, among workers at Hotel Karamboa ”, on the island of Boa Vista. (Noticias do Norte - 19.4.20)

- The Government decided to cancel the press conference on the presentation of the Council of Ministers resolution that approves the instructions that make it possible for people to return to their usual homes, which was scheduled for Monday, 20. (Sapo - 19.4.20)

- Three more positive cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among workers at Hotel Riu Karamb oa . These three new cases concern four tests out of the 196 that were carried out and which had given “inconclusive” and were pending pending further confirmation. (Noticias do Norte - 19.4.20)

- The island of Boa Vista has 7 fans (ventilators) - (Mindel Insite - 17.4.20)

- For now it says that 51 people are quarantined at home in São Vicente, 28 in the city of Praia, 20 in the island of Sal, 3 in São Nicolau, 23 in Santa Catarina and all the people who left the Riu Palace hotels and those who were negative at the Hotel Riu Karamboa. There is a suspicion that one person traveled by boat from Boa Vista back to Praia on the island of Santiago, who has now tested positive for covid-19. (Noticias do Norte - 17.4.20)

- The Ministry of Health and Social Security informs that in the course of the process of epidemiological investigation, started yesterday, due to a positive case of COVID-19 diagnosed in Praia, two more positive cases were identified, corresponding to contacts close to this case The best of the world. (Facebook - Governo de Cabo Verde - 18.4.20)

- The Prime Minister of Cape Verde announced this Thursday an exceptional program for the return of citizens to their islands of residence. “A person who habitually lives, for example, on the island of Sal, who was or is, for example, in Boa Vista for some activity related to his profession, may return as long as he makes a test that he has no situations that could put your health and the health of others at risk ”, announced Ulisses Correia e Silva.(Expresso das Ilhas - 17.4.20)

- New positive case of COVID-19 recorded in Praia on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. (Expresso das Ilhas - 17.4.20)

- The maintenance technician at Hotel Riu Karamaboa, the first place to test positive for COVID-19, has again tested positive for COVID-19. This, when the National Director of Health had already announced that "he was fine and awaiting hospital discharge". (Noticias do Norte - 17.4.20)

 - About 400 tests carried out to date in Cape Verde. (Expresso das Ilhas - 17.4.20)

* The President of the Republic of Cape Verde extends the state of emergency as follows: until 2 May the islands of Boa Vista, Santiago and São Vicente until April 26 all other islands (Announcementt made on 16th April 2020) 

- In yesterdays briefing the PM focused on what had recently happened on Boa Vista : UCS warned that what happened “is the example of what cannot happen”, but did not release the employees who were confined to the Riu Karamboa hotel, whose responsibilities are also due to them. The island of Boa Vista will also be watched by the sea, preventing any vessels, namely boats, from leaving the island, transporting people to other islands. (Opais - 15.4.20)

- 30 more positive cases of Covid-19 on the island of Boa Vista from the Riu Karamboa (Noticias do Norte - 15.4.20)  

- The Ministry of Health and Social Security is hereby to inform you that another patient with covid19, in Cape Verde. This is a male patient, aged 24, a worker of the Karamboa, in Boavista, who had been in isolation, since last Monday, and whose health is stable. (Governo do Cabo Verde - 14.4.20) 

- Easter 2020 photos and videos from Santa Maria (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- The President of Cape Verde will make a decision this Thursday or Friday on the next action for Cape Verde re-corona virus (Inforpress - 13.4.20)

- The Government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Security, is hereby informing that two more patients with Covid-19 in Cape Verde. (Facebook - Governo do Cabo Verde - 12.4.20)  

- TUI AG on Wednesday announced that it signed a state-aid bridging loan for 1.8 billion euros with the KfW, Germany’s state-owned development bank. The company had received approval from the German federal government for the loan on March 27 as part of the coronavirus (Covid-19) state support programme. (GTP - 9.4.20)

- The future of  Cape Verde Airlines is uncertain (Inforpress - 8.4.20)

- The President of the Republic has already initiated contacts in order to decide whether or not to extend the state of emergency, which entered into force on 29 March, lasting 20 days, due to the pandemic of COVID-19. (Expresso das Ilhas - 7.4.20)

- The onset of Covid-19 will happen later in the lusophone countries: Cabo Verde should reach the first 1.000 cases between April 17-27 and the first 10.000 around May 5-17. (Macauhub 3.4.20)

- A little bit of Cape Verde (Google Video - Cape Verde Tips)

- Seven suspected cases of covid-19 on the island of Sao Vicente are negative (Opais - 6.4.20)

- Baptista de Sousa Hospital admits flaws in the process of the patient infected with COVID-19 - Minister of Health (Expresso das Ilhas 5.4.20)  

- 1st to 5th April 2020 - Santa Maria (Google Album by Cape Verde Tips)

- Questions asked over the non-identification of covid-19 sooner on a patient on Sao Vicente. (Noticias do Norte - 5.4.20)

- Minister of Health details confirmed case of Covid-19, in São Vicente. (Opais - 4.4.2020)

- The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, announced today that around 179 nurses have been recruited to strengthen the national health system, in all municipalities in the country, to combat COVID-19. (Expresso-das-Ilhas - 3.4.20)

- The test for covid-19 on a person on Sal Island has proved to be negative........... It is now the fifth day without new positive cases of Covid-19, in Cape Verde, however there are two new suspects, one in Praia on the island of Santiago and the other on Boa Vista. (Opais - 2.4.20)

- Jurist says that the police acted badly when apprehending vehicles just because they were circulating on public roads (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.4.20)

- CVII reschedules trips to supply the islands (Opais - 28.320)

- Lack of transport makes COVID-19 screening tests difficult. Altogether there are seven suspected cases that have not yet been tested due to the lack of air and sea connections between the islands. Six are in Boa Vista and one in São Vicente. The rest, whose results were not yet known, were negative for coronavirus. (Expresso das Ilhas - 1.4.2020)

- Seven more samples arrived from Boa Vista, but the good news is that there are no new positive cases. Of the 4 suspected cases referenced yesterday, two were negative and the remainder are still in progress. (Opais - 31.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 30.3.2020

- The National Director of Health brought to Covid-19 the usual balance sheet, “two novelties”, the first of which the only suspicious case that expected the result was negative and that Cape Verde currently registers four more cases suspects, two in the city of Praia, one in Boa Vista and another on the island of Sal. (Opais - 30.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 29.3.2020

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- State of emergency does not immediately restrict rights, but conditions are created for that - prosecutor (Sapo - 28.3.2020)

- One more positive case on the island of Boavista (Opais - 28.3.20)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 28th March 2020

-  What does this State of Emergency mean (News - 2020- 28.3.2020)

Presidential decree goes into effect at zero on Sunday, and lasts until midnight on April 17th, a measure taken in “conscience and sense of responsibility”, says President Jorge Carlos Fonseca. The Head of State has already announced that a presidential decree will institute a state of emergency regime, which will take effect from midnight today, for a period of 20 days.  

- The President of the Republic of Cape Verde has received all the powers necessary to declare a state of emergency and should speak to the nation today at 11.30 am. Further info will be posted after 11.30a.m. as to what he has stated. (Opais 2.3.2020)            

PR has just listened to the State Council and is now waiting for Parliament's decision to declare a state of emergency due to Covid-19, which may happen tomorrow morning (Opais - 27.3.2020)

- A State of emergency may be declared today in Cape Verde re- Covid-19  (Opais 27.4.2020)

- The Government of Cape Verde today presented the official Coronavirus website, which aims to provide permanent and updated information to the population. (29.3.2020)

- The wife of the man on Santiago that tested positive for Covid-19, has also tested positive. (Expresso das Ilhas - 26.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 26th March 2020  (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- New restrictive measures are toughened from midnight onwards, throughout the Cape Verdean territory, in force for three weeks, until April 17. (Opais - 26.3.2020)

- New suspected cases on the islands of Boa Vista, Santo Antao, S. Vicente and Santiago (Mindelinsite - 26.3.2020)

- Prime Minister announces measures taken by the Crisis Office this Thursday (Noticia do Norte - 25.3.2020)

- The Cape Verde Government announces on national television, a mandatory quarantine has been decreed on the island of Boavista  (Opais - 25.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 25th March 2020 (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 24th March 2020 (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- Covid-19. Crisis office to announce quarantine measures for Santiago island following the first positive case of Covid-19 on the city of Praia. (Santiago magazine - 25.3.2020)

- Cape Verde Government steps in to give support to companies - 24.3.2020

- A 62yr old English tourist on the Island of Boavista dies from Covid-19 (24.3.2020)

- NHS Doctors and Nurses appeal to people in the UK ...... Please Stay at Home (BBC News - 22.3.2020)

- Cape Verdeans will be repatriated from Lisbon, Portugal to Sal Monday 23rd March and will be quarantined (Inforpress 23.3.20)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 22nd March 2020 (Cape Verde Tips - Google Album)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 21st March 2020 (Cape Verde Tips - Google Album)

- Repatriation flights of TUI and Thomas Cook (European not UK) tourists continue in Sal, under security measures (TCV - 20.3.2020)

- Repatriation flights from TUI being sent in to take people off Sal Island today Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd. Passengers due to leave Sal later this week are being contacted and told they are to leave on earlier flights. Check your emails, phone messages and TUI website, or see if you can't speak to someone at TUI in person. Some passengers due to fly to Bristol Tue 24th are leaving sooner on a flight Saturday 22nd to London Gatwick. Photo below taken 9.50a.m. 23rd March 2020. Having been informed by TUI that they would need to be on and earlier departure flight from Sal leaving Monday 23rd, some people arrived at the airport early, knowing there would be long queues for flights due depart in the afternoon. NOTE: Today's flight departures from Sal may be the last for some time.

Exodus off Sal on what TUI UK refer to as rescue flights 23.3.20

- Cape Verde Tips - GOOGLE ALBUM - Santa Maria 21.3.2020

- US volunteers test first vaccine (BBC News - 17.3.20)

- Further measures have been introduced in Cape Verde today which include the banning of use of public beaches (Expresso das Ilhas - 20.3.20)

- The island of Boavista is in quarantine until April 4th says the Primeminister of Cape Verde (Opais 20.3.20)

- Covid-19: Cape Verde registers its' first case of Covid-19 on the island of Boavista (Opais 20.3.20)

- Cape Verde may enter into recession if tourism falls close to 30% - S&P (Expresso das Ilhas - 19.3.20)

- How to make your own alcohol hand sanitizer (UK Healthline)

- Covid-19: Ministry of Health announces six more new suspected cases in the country (Sapo CV - 19.3.20) ALSO Expresso das Ilhas -19.3.20

- Hotels on Sal consider closing for 3 months - hundreds of workers unemployed (Noticias do Norte - 18.3.20)

- Hotels on the island of Sao Vicente and other Cape Verde islands register Hotel cancellations (Inforpress - 18.3.20)

- Visa suspension for 19 European countries in Cape Verde suspended (Sapo 25 - 17.3.20)

-Embassies and consulates in Cape Verde begin to close (Mundo ao Minuto 1.3.20)

- Covid-19: Government guarantees that Cape Verde has a stock of food products (Inforpress 18.3.20)

- Flight cancellation - TUI (Independent - 17.3.20)

- Articles posted in Expresso Das Ilhas news.

Flight ban introduced in Cape Verde

Quoted from announcement yesterday by Prime Minister, José Ulisses Correia e Silva 17th March 2020

Considering the situation of the epidemic in Portugal and several other countries of Europe; in the USA, Brazil and certain African countries, the government decides (with effect from tomorrow, March 18th): It is prohibited to dock cruises and sailing ships and the landing of passengers in Cape Verde Ports. The landing of crew arriving at Cape Verde Ports on cargo, fishing and similar ships is prohibited.

Ban air links with Portugal and all European countries marked with the of 19 epidemic and with the USA, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria. The Ban is for a period of three weeks. It may be anticipated or extended as the epidemic has developed in these countries. The Ban, cargo flights and return flights of citizens on holiday or in service in Cape Verde to their countries of origin or residence.

Urgent medical evacuations and supplies of hospital medicines, materials and consumables in an emergency regime will be covered and guaranteed under health flights.



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