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January meeting UK - update

January meeting UK - update

January meeting UK - update

Cheryl Thomas - Thursday, February 16, 2017
January meeting UK - update

Hi Ed. I hope you had a good flight back to Australia. I know I was glad to get back to the warmth of Sal!It was great that we could finally meet up in person and fortunate I could get back to the UK while you were there.

Re-website: It was great to see how things could be pulled together when you know how, those 7 hours were a great help to me. I was able to see how some things worked, there is so much still to learn. I've put the extra 'know how' to work as soon as I returned to Sal.

Since back I have managed to add more links, copy HTML or CSS in web apps, put different google maps on there, set up new content holders and added to pages and templates, a few web apps too, a few more sub menu heading and links setup from the primary and new small sub menus for other subjects.

I've worked on the News section, having copied the template from the Expats site I have put that to good use too, but I could do with the layout being more structured inside the page and not using the full width of page, I'm not sure how to do that.

I've made some errors along the way, there's the one on the homepage slider in web apps. I lost the 'button-border'of 'Island Info' as I added the link to: 'history of cape verde' (next to the Weddings button-border link to Weddings). Could you add that bit of code when you have a moment..........WAIT- UPDATE: two days later I visited it again..... I went back into that web app and into its settings'. I copied the code from 'Weddings' and got the button-border box back, but the link goes to the Wedding page now too .... so, I just need to work out where to look and how to change that without it affecting it again, but to take it to: history-of-cape-verde! I went into Homepage Slider Items: 1, 2 and 3, changed Rate Button Link (whatever that is) from 'activities-cape-verde' on all three, to 'history-of-cape-verde', but nothing happened. Changed the url on slider2 from activities etc to history etc, but nothing changed! The other two slider urls are both different (happy-homes?). Maybe it's something to do with the tag back in 'island Info' that I copied from the Weddings code earlier!...... hahahahahah.... fixed it, went back into the Homepage Slider Settings and found the tag_rate-button which I replaced instead of the tag I'd copied from the Weddings code earlier, it now all works and goes to the history page. I still don't understand those other two different url links Ed, Slider1 is to 'happy homes', don't have that on my website...... do I?

I also replaced the 'Travel Tours' info, images and links on the home page, used exactly same sized images but for some reason they are out of synch!

I have worked on some Blogs too, updating a few, adding new images, some with a theme, hope you think they look ok and have a little smile when you see this theme image :)   I used a different size image to the ones on there originally, messed about till I made a nicer size to fit. I only realised the other day after I set up links from each blog to a content holder list of blogs (that was an achievement to find where exactly to put the content code in to that template) , that the sequence had been preset to take me to a page of recent posts. It also has on there Tag-1 to Tag-3.... not worked that one out, did they come already installed, are they linked to anything? I have added some of my own tags. haven't read about how they work!

How do I get the Blogs to archive? Duh, just seen it's done it automatically, however it's archived a post from this month? Need to find out where within the Blog module and what I can do to specify how old the posts need to be before moving automatically into the Blog archive?

I have used the Travel Detail web app to set up something for advertisers. I took out some fields, but although I removed the thumb images I couldn't work out the coding to take off the shaded part at the lower part of the rotating large images, you will see what I mean when you look at it.

I have categorised announcements and News and tried to work out how to get a few recent announcement listed on Travel Tours, not quite worked out that one either as the coding on the help tutorial is different from how it looks when I enter it on a page.

I know 'Comments' are supposed to be good facility to have, but I had to take it off my other site because of junk email and spammers using it a lot.

There are some </div> and other coding on some pages in red text, meaning there is an error somewhere on the coding, but I can't see where!

I have been working on a few other things, but it's sometimes like I am playing 'Pong', (you are too young to remember that game). It's like I am batting a ball across a table then running round and hitting it back to myself.

Let me know what you think of what I have done so far. I know many items need tweaking. There are more things to be done, but I wanted to let you know that I am getting on with things as best I know how (or don't)!

I haven't even looked at the notes that I wrote when we met up in January, but will start looking at those in next day or so (I hope)!


Look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now.



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