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Responsive templates and site upgrade - Feb 2016

Responsive templates and site upgrade - Feb 2016

Responsive templates and site upgrade - Feb 2016

Cheryl Thomas - Monday, February 08, 2016
Responsive templates and site upgrade - Feb 2016

After some months of considering what was to be done as regards the upgrade of this website, the decision was made in 2015 to choose a new template for the site instead of completely re-designing it (little did I know what was ahead).

With technology changing quickly, I knew I had to make a change in my approach to how I worked on my websites and how my services should continue. Things needed to be assessed but having those conversations between 'me-myself and I' didn't seem to help as I was never going to be any wiser. A choice had to be made, either keep things ticking along hoping things would be ok with my website, or doing what needed to be done and invest some money and a lot of my time in trying to make I'd hoped, the right changes, which would make take my website back to it's roots, then start again.

I had a few conversations with Ed over Skype, emails went back and forth, but having someone sat next to me showing me what I could do just wasn't the same thing. I had decided on the type of template I was told I should use, I needed that. as I didn't have a clue! Ed setup the main pages and some images I had provided, he knew about how the web apps worked and how they were set up so he did the input with the appropriate info I had sent him into each web app. However, in the early part of 2016 I was still struggling to make sense of it all and therefor made little headway.

I have been asked why I didn't get someone to do more work on it for me, that knew what they were doing, easy answer is £££££££££!

With over 400 pages of information on current site (up to June 2016) it was clear there would be a lot of work ahead sifting through pages for relevant and non - relevant information, also to update and archive pages and make the web site more 'user friendly'. In laypersons terms, the website pages were not easily readable or clear on smaller devices such as on iphones or tablets, a common problem with older websites built to appear on computer and laptop screens.

New images needed to be found and old ones re-used where possible, however with the new template design, images needed to be certain sizes, so many of the old pics that had been cropped and reduced could not be re-used. Searches for the originals proved time consuming and frustrating as a number of files had been corrupted and could not me opened. Some external hard-drive crashes and two computer hard-drive crashes over 10yrs had resulted in a number of photo albums and documents disappearing, they had included photos taken on visits to a number of Cape Verde Islands, photos of how the islands used to look 7-10 yrs ago.

When this new website becomes 'live' there will still be a lot to do to transfer more information from the old site. The important thing is to provide user friendly website, easily accessible information and provide services for other businesses as well as promote my own wedding services.

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