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News 2020 - Cape Verde - September

News 2020 - Cape Verde - September

News 2020 - Cape Verde - September

Cheryl Thomas - Tuesday, September 01, 2020
News 2020 - Cape Verde - September

News 2020 - September - covid-19 situation in Cape Verde

News from Cape Verde - September 2020

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More on News and potentially when the borders will re-open and to whom, in the OCTOBER 2020 NEWS.

30th - ARM UPDATE ELECTRICITY TARIFS FOR ELECTRICITY AND AEB - The Multisectoral Economic Regulatory Agency (ARME) fixes new electricity tariffs for ELECTRA and AEB, to be in force from 01 October 2020 under Article 16 (a) of the Decree-Law n. the 50/2018 of September 20 approving the ARME Statute.

30th - ARM UPDATE MAXIMUM FUEL PRICES - October 2020 - The Multisectoral Regulatory Agency for the Economy-ARME updates the new maximum fuel prices, which are due to be valid from 00 hours on October 1, 2020, under the legislation in force and the Decree - Law n. 19/2009 of 22 July, defining the guiding principles and the formula for calculating maximum sales prices to the final consumer. 

30th  - Covid-19 - Positive cases : 113 Santiago & 1 death, 1 São Vicente,  2 Santo Antão,  8 Sal.  (Noticias Ao Minuto - 30.9.20)

30th Sept 2020: TAP reports losses of € 582 million and delays the purchase of 15 aircraft. (hosteltur - 30.9.20)

29th - For three months, TACV / Cabo Verde Arlines has not paid wages to workers, and has not given them any satisfaction. (Expresso das Ilhas - 29.9.20)

29th - Over 100 million doses of vaccines reserved for poorer countries. The WHO goal is to have two billion doses of vaccines by the end of 2021.  (Opais - 29.9.20)

29th - African island states, including Cape Verde, will save 40% on the purchase of medicines, according to an agreement signed today between the governments of those countries. (Opais - 29.9.20)

28th - 15 recruits in isolation at the Military Instruction Center after recruit from Sal test positive. (TCV - 28.9.20)

28th - According to the epidemiological bulletin, the 46 cases registered in the country, 42 are from Praia, and the rest are from São Salvador do Mundo, Santa Catarina, Tarrafal and São Domingos, all from Santiago. (Opais - 28.9.20)

28th - The largest tourist group in the world - TUI - which is also the largest operator and emitter of tourists in Cape Verde, expects to resume 40% of its winter operations and 80% next summer. (A Nacao - 28.9.20)

28th - National Assembly presents Covid-19 Contingency Plan. (RCV - 28.9.20)

27th - covid-19 positive cases :  65 on Santiago, 2 on Fogo.  (Governo de Cabo Verde)

27th - Council of the Republic meets Monday with the country's epidemilogical situation on the agenda. In a publication made on his Facebook page, the head of state stated that the health, economy and education sectors will be at the center of this another CoR meeting on the covid-19 pandemic, in an information, evaluation session and prospects. (Inforpress - 27.9.20)

27th - The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, called this Saturday for a program to recover for Africa from the crisis caused by the covid-19, with a global pact for the forgiveness of external debt and access for all to the future vaccine. (Sapo - 27.9.20) 

27th - Justice: The functioning of courts in pandemic times. (Expresso das Ilhas - 27.9.20)

26th - Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva said today that the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes the “greatest threat” that humanity has been experiencing over the past century and that small island states “cannot bear the cost of recovery alone”.  (Exresso das Ilhas - 26.9.20)

26th - The Ministry reported one more death, a further 73 new positive cases of the new coronavirus, 70 of which on Santiago Island and 3 on Sal.  (Opais - 26.9.20)

26th - TUI cancels flights:  Sal, Cape Verde  due to depart on or before 11 October 2020 and Boa Vista, Cape Verde  due to depart on or before 31 October 2020. (Edinburgh Live - 26.9.20)

26th - SAL ISLAND - Ramiro Figueira Hospital and Hotel Sabura receive international health safety certificate. (Expresso das Ilhas- 26.9.20)

25th - covid-19 positive cases recorded: Santiago Island 147, 1 on Sao Vicente Island, 1 on Sal Island.  (Governo de Cabo Verde)

25th - The “Cape Verde Covid Zero” campaign launched today simultaneously in the municipalities of Sal, Praia and Santa Cruz, under the motto “One for all, all for Zero”, has the partnership of the Joint Office (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA ) of the UN in Cape Verde, in conjunction with the National Institute of Public Health (INSP). (Sapo - 25.9.20)

24th - covid-19 positive results: 58 Santiago, 2 Fogo, 2 Sao Vicente,  3 Sal, Maio 2.  (Governo de Cabo Verde)

24th - Number of immigrants has surpassed that of emigrants in Cape Verde. (Expresso das Ilhas - 24.9.20)

24th - SITHUR asks for three more months of support to companies and immediate reopening of borders. (Expresso das Ilhas - 24.9.20)

24th - Price of the PCR test for international trips out of Cape Verde is now fixed at 11 thousand Escudo or 100 Euros. (Opais - 24.9.20)

23rd - Cape Verde's travel and tourism operators today called for the immediate reopening of borders and the resumption, as soon as possible, of international flights, so that tourism activity can be resumed and companies in the sector begin to earn income, similarly to what it already happens in several countries. (RCV - 23.9.20)

23rd - Cape Verde's airports recover but have already lost one million passengers. (Expresso das Ilhas - 23.9.20)

23rd - covid-19 positive results: 67 Santiago (+ 2 deaths), 4 Fogo, Sao Vicente 1, Sal 1 Boa Vista 2. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

22nd - covid-19 positive results: 51 Santiago, Fogo 1, Sao Nicolau 4.  (Governo de Cabo Verde) 

21st - Covid-19 positive results: 23 Santiago (+1 death), 1 Maio. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

21st - PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SALES COMPANIES :  If you are interested in subscribing, visit the below link, and fill out the form attached. In the coming days we will inform you on how to complete your registration. (Sal Empresas - 21.8.20) 

21st - Some time in the not too distant future, from Sal Island - Deep Sea Fishing; 

20th - Covid-19 - One death in Santiago and 71 new positives........  62 Santiago,  2 Fogo,  3 São Vicente,  1 Santo Antão,  3 Sal. (Governo de Cabo Verde). 

20th - Boa Vista - President of JPAI learns about the problems of the island's youth. (RCV - 20.9.20)

Electra and CVTelecom with losses of hundreds of thousands of contos: Collateral damage from the disappearance of tourism (12th Sept).

19th - CSD- FOUNDATION says: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!! We did this together with more than 400 donors, 16.000 euro, a rough 1760 bags, weekly pans with home cooked food and a team of more or less 17 people from Cabo Verde, Holland, Italy, Botswana and Belgium! (CSD-Foundation - 19.9.20)  

19th - Food and oil companies waiting for confidence to return to the Cape Verdean market.  (Exresso das Ilhas - 19.9.20)

19th - Pandemic catapults importance of the internet. (Expresso das Ilhas - 19.9.20)

19th - Associação Salempresas informs that the pre-registration phase is now open for companies in your community! (Small and Medium size businesses on Sal and Boavista - 19.9.20)

19th - covid-19 results: Santiago 38, Sao Vicente 1, Maio 4, Sal 2.   (Governo de Cabo Verde)

18th - Santiago Island:  Praia Fire Commander calls for evacuation in case of heavy rain. (Expresso das Ilhas - 18.9.20)

18th - The President of the Rupublic on visiting Sal yesterday and referring to Sal and Boa Vista:

18th - Covid-19 - One death in Santiago and 78 positive.  65 Santiago, 11 Sal,  1 Fogo,  1 São Vicente. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

17th - Covid-19 deaths (Fogo and Santigo) and 85 new positives,  78 Santiago,  4 Fire,  3 Saint Vincent. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

16th - Covid-19 - A new death while there are 74 new positives today.  65 Santiago, 4 Fogo,  2 São Vicente,  1 Boa Vista,  2 Sal. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

16th - An open letter has been sent to Cape Verde Ministers from the new Association of Small and Medium sized enterprises on Sal Island, about the need to re-open borders. (Facebook - Sal Empresas)

PDF - SAL EMPRESAS - Open letter to Cape Verde Ministers about re-opening borders

16th - Covid-19 - A new death while there are 74 new positives today.  65 Santiago, 4 Fogo,  2 São Vicente,  1 Boa Vista,  2 Sal. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

16th - ESSENTIAL TRAVEL - experiences of a couple who were traveling back to Sal from UK for essential purposes 12th-13th September 2020.


16th - Cape Verde's travel and tourism agencies advocate reopening borders (Noticias ao Minuto)  

15th - SAL - PR encourages Salenses to keep “hope and confidence” in the future, on Municipal Day on 15th Sept. (Expresso das Ilhas - 15.9.20) 

15th - Covid-19 - 65 new positives and one new death:  62 Santiago, 2 Fogo, 1 São Vicente. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

15th - Jorge Carlos Almeida Fonseca will be visiting Sal this Friday and Saturday, essentially aimed at the knowledge and evaluation of the epidemiological situation on the island. I will therefore privilege visits and contacts with health authorities and institutions. (Facebook page: Jorge Carlos Almeida Fonseca) 

14th - New TAP route advertised to start in October between Porto (Portugal) to Sal Island. (Noticias do Norte - 14.9.20)

14th - Covid 19 results (Governo de Cabo Verde)

14th - ROBINSON CLUB CLOSED UNTIL 31 October 2020

Dear guests, We have an update for you today: Our club will unfortunately remain closed until 31 October 2020. Therefore we have to cancel all stays in the club until this date with a heavy heart. If your booking is affected, you will be informed directly by your booking office. 

As soon as we have new information about our reopening, we will of course share it with you here on Facebook.
Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Your ROBINSON Club Cabo Verde (no link - check for updates on their Facebook page)

14th - Azores Airline will fly between Lisbon and Praia (Santiago) from late October.(Kiosquedaaviacao - 14.9.20)

14th - Icelandair and easyJet have entered into a partnership agreement. (Breaking Travel News - 14.9.20) 

13th - Covid-19 - Number of positive cases reaches 102:  82 Santiago,  5 Fogo,  4 São Nicolau, 11 Sal.   (Governo de Cabo Verde)

13th - A new association has been formed on Sal :  "ASSOCIATION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM COMPANIES". In the "ASSOCIATION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM COMPANIES" all companies that have their headquarters or representation in the island of Sal will be able to register and provide for the payment of a quarterly fee of 3,000 escudos (27 euros). (Renato Evarchi). More info: 

13th - Some banks in CV have been contacting their customers to ask for updated details, so they can update their records. One owner of a property in Santa Maria who lives in the UK was contacted by email  recently and asked to provide a copy of his passport, a recent Declaração NIF (NiF document available from Finanza Office), place of residence in UK........  As details may have changed since the owner originally opened a bank account in Cape Verde. (no link)

13th - Sal Airport: According to the Portuguese airline TAP, there will be no direct flights available from Lisbon to Sal Island until mid-December 2020 (please check their website for exact date) ........ NOTE: the air corridor for 'Essential Travel' (not a route available for tourists to travel through) via Lisbon to Praia on the island of Santiago is still open. From Praia, you would need to have an inter-island flight connection to Sal. (no link)

12th - Covid-19 - 60 new positive cases:  44 Santiago, 9 Fogo,  2 São Vicente,  2 São Nicolau,  2 Sal, 1 Boa Vista.  (Governo de Cape Verde)

12th - Santiago Island: The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva, expressed concern today about the situation in the city of Praia due to the heavy rains and guaranteed that everything that is destroyed will be rebuilt. (Sapo - 12.9.20)

12th - Santiago Island:  Heavy rains wreak havoc in Praia. There is a deadly victim.(RCV - 12.9.20)

12th - Tropical wave passes through Cape Verde in the next three days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). (Plataformamedia - 12.9.20)

11th - Customers of Cape Verdean banks covered by the credit moratorium, applied due to covid-19, have until September 20 to communicate if they do not want to adhere to the extension of the measure, until December 31, it was announced today. (Noticias ao Minuto - 11.9.20) 

11th - TUI issues update as it cancels all flights to Portugal. (Manchester Evening News - 11.9.20) 

11th - Covid-19 test results (Governo de Cabo Verde)


You can DHL or use other delivery services to request a 6 month visa from the Cape Verde Consul in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It currently costs 86 Euros per person per 6 month visa  Please  contact the Consulate directly to check if any of the following information has been updated since this posting. They do not use their Facebook page to answer queries. (11.9.20).

CONTACT - Mr Borja Dominguez, Cape Verde Honorary Consul,  ADDRESS : Cape Verde Honorary Consulate,  Calle Padret Claret 10-1E  , Las Palmas 35004. 

Email  - consulcanarias@consuladocv.com  ....   Tel - +34 928241135  ........ Fax No +34-928232969 .............  Open - Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm.

Bank details for payment for visa: 

BANK  -  Cajamar Paseo De Tomas Morales 65 , Las Palmas 35004 ........ ACCOUNT NUMBER - ES12 3058 6120 3227 2000 4217 


10th - covid-19 -  84 positive cases, Numbers rise to 78 on Santiago, there are 3 on Fogo, 3 on Sal. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

10th - Cape Verde is made up of islands and islets. Take a look at the lovely island of Sao Nicolau. Enjoy this 5 min video.... (Cape Verde Drone - 10.9.20)

10th - Portuguese MNE regrets exclusion from the British air corridor from the continent

9th - Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca suspended testing of the final phase of the vaccine it is developing against covid-19, in partnership with the University of Oxford, after a suspected adverse reaction in a study participant. (Opais - 9.9.20)

9th - Covid-19: 73 new recorded cases -  53 on Santiago ( and 1 death in Praia), 4 on São Vicente, 8 Fogo, 2 on Boa Vista, 5 on Sal  (Opais - 9.9.20)

9th - Covid-19 results (Governo de Cabo Verde)

9th - The Cape Verdean Minister of Agriculture said today that the rains that recently fell throughout the archipelago already guarantee pasture, but said that more is still needed for the production of corn and beans and the recharge of groundwater. (Noticias ao Minuto - 9.9.20)

8th - A farewell to Jorge Foya from everyone in Santa Maria, Sal Island. RIP Jorge ( Video by Rikiya Kataoka - 7th September 2020) 

8th - Covid-19 results (Governo de Cabo Verde)

8th - We have produced a September News Update 2020, which newsletter subscribers would normally receive by email. However, we are still waiting for all Email Lists to be transferred over to this new system, therefor the update is being posted in the NEWS BLOG. The rest of the news for September 2020, will be posted on this page. The update can be found here: SEPTEMBER UPDATE 2020

8th - Record number of loggerheads being produced this year (Oceanographic)

8th - Praia: 40 persons arrested for public disorder. (Expresso das Ilhas - 8.9.20)

7th - Covid-19 results (Governo de Cabo Verde)

7th - SNPCB Presidents Office Announcement - Approximation of Tropical Storm "Rene" to the Cape Verde Archipelago. Serviço Nacional de Proteção Civil - Cabo Verde). Read below:

Time in the Cape Verde archipelago is under the influence of a Tropical Depression that has now evolved into Tropical Storm RENE and whose formation is associated with a low pressure center coming from the west African coast in the west / northwest direction. Over the next few hours, the worsening weather conditions are expected, with wind intensification and precipitation, as well as the increase in maritime ripple, with greater incidence for groups of the eastern / western islands of the Windward - Saint Vincent / Saint Vincent Nicholas / Boavista / Salt. In view of the situation, the National Civil Protection and Fire Department is hereby informing the whole population at large and particularly those living in areas with greater risk of flooding and flooding to adopt the following self-protection measures:

1. Clearing and discouraging water lines, mainly with housing, aqueducts and other water bottlenecks;

2. Verification of possible landslides, rock blocks or walls in the vicinity of houses, on roads and access roads to the islands;
We also advise you to follow up the following recommendations:
1. Remove from flooding and flooding areas, so as not to be dragged through the stream;
2. Don't touch down electric wiring or electrical power stations, otherwise electrocuted;
3. In case of strong wind, avoid being close to high voltage posts, as well as metal sheet cover dwellings;
4. Keeping drainage systems clean and consolidating roofs, doors and windows;
5. Save the loose objects and close the windows, doors and blinds well;
6. Put crossbands (in the form of X) of duct tape on windows to avoid shrapnel throwing;
7. Have your emergency kit handy (flashlight, portable radio and reserve batteries, first aid kit, bottled water);
8. If you have to leave the house, turn off the water, gas and electricity and take your emergency kit;
9. Do not open the curtains, because they serve as protection against any shrapnel;
Avoid approaching and attending bathing areas;
11. Throw out food (even packaged) and medications if they are in contact with contaminated water;
12. Storage goods of first need (water, milk, cookies, canned goods, among others);
13. Always have waterproof clothes available;
Waterproof material cover all objects that may be damaged in contact with water;
15. If evacuation occurs, return only after giving you this indication;
16. Do not spread false rumors or exaggerated information about the situation;
17. Do not occupy phone lines. Use phone and emergency lines only in case of extreme urgency and necessity.
18. Follow the instructions of the authorities.
It is further informed that SNPCB will continuously monitor the situation's development, updating and reporting regularly and in good time whenever the situation so requires.

6th - TAP rices for September and October from Lisbon to Sao Vicente questioned. (Noticias do Norte - 6.9.20)

6th - Hurricane Center monitoring 4 systems; 2 likely to develop into named storms. (N.O.L.A. - 6.9.20)

5th - Santiago: 54 + 1 death, Fogo: 9, São Vicente: 5, Sal: 6  (Governo de Cabo Verde)

5th - Cape Verde with another 75 more infected and one dead in 24 hours.(Sapo - 5.9.20)

5th - UK-Portugal: Scotland and Wales asked arrivals from Portugal to self isolate. (BBC - 5.9.20)

4th - PR welcomes discussion in Parliament on mandatory use of masks on public roads. (Expresso das Ilhas - 4.9.20)

4th - When and where to have PCR test for international travel (Praia, Santiago Island).

FROM MONDAY-September 07th PCR TESTS for international travel:
Sports Gymno from 8:30 to 10 pm
Quick Trips for Interim Travel: 8:30 to 12:00
Contacts with people Covid positive: 12:00 to 16:30
We will continue to do at home: 9:00 pm to 12 pm
Farm Health Center:
PCR for international travel from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.
Quick test for inter island travel.: 9:00 at 16:30 pm
PCR to positive case contacters: 9:00 at 16:30 pm
Suspect cases: during consultation attendance
Health Center Found Saint Anthony:
PCR for international travel from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm
Quick test for inter island travel.: 12 H
PCR to positive case contacters: 12:00 H
Suspect cases: test is taken during consultation attendance
Health Center Hats:
PCR for international travel from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm
Quick test for inter island travel.: 12:00
PCR to positive case contacters: 13:00 h
Suspect cases: test is taken during consultation attendance
Water Ponta Health Center:
PCR for international travel from 8:00 pm to 9:30 mn
Quick test for inter island travel.: 10:00
PCR to case contacters positivos:12:00h
Suspect cases: test is taken during consultation attendance
Health Center Found Great Behind:
Quick test for inter island travel.: 10:00
PCR to positive case contacters: 12:00 h
Suspect cases: test is taken during consultation attendance
We recommend using masks, hand washes, use of gel alcohol and social distance, fundamental measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

4th - Camara de Turismo de Cabo Verde : 

Dear Entrepreneur
The second round of training at the health level for the prevention of COVID-19 for the certification of the seal of ′′ Safe Tourism ′′ will be held this September, so we hereby warn everyone interested to register with CTCV sending the following data:
Establishment / Company Name
Phone Contact (Mobile)
Email Email
Location / Island
The sectors to be covered are Accommodation / Taxis / Transportation / Tranfers / Excursion / Restaurant / Bars and night / Travel and Various Agencies.
Those interested should send to the following email: camaratcvfrontoffice@gmail.com or call numbers 2421771/2421361.
Thank you for your attention and collaboration.

3rd - Covid-19 - 77 new positive cases:  67 Santiago, 1 São Vicente,  2 São Nicolau,  2 Santo Antão,  5 Sal. (Governo de Cabo Verde)

3rd - Following the measures announced by the Government of Cape Verde extending the calamity situation in the islands of Santiago and Sal and declares a situation of calamity on the island of Fogo, in order to reinforce the containment measures that are justified in this situation, it is modified the bathing sea zones access and frequency regulation in accordance with the new government directives.

3rd: See here circular #13 / CD.IMP/2020 and learn about the changes to the national bathing beaches access and frequency regulation

2nd - Cape Verde declared on Wednesday 2 September a situation of public calamity on the island of Fogo and extended it until 31 October on the islands of Santiago and Sal, measures that come into force on 3 September. (RFI - 2.9.20)

2nd - SAL island: Warning! (Translation: Nuno Arrojado)

The Municipality of Sal, hereby informs the owners of the establishments, who are authorized to carry out the commercial activity according to the licensing permit, but under Resolution No. 113/2020, of August 7, the establishments of commerce in general, restaurants and services, and in general, all spaces of public service, must work upon presentation of Declaration of Sanitary Compliance, issued by the supervisory authorities designated for this purpose. IGAE (General Inspectorate of Economic Activities). Thus, the City Council, thanks the good understanding and collaboration of all. (Municipal do Sal)         

2nd - The Minister for Home Affairs, Paulo Rocha announced at a press conference today a set of restrictive measures that fall within the state of calamity, as the ′′ COVID-19 pandemic requires a permanent assessment of the epidemiological situation of the epidemiological situation of the country 

2nd - State of Calamity remains in Santiago and Sal and is extended to Fogo. The measures (with the exception of bathing activity) come into force tomorrow, 3 September, and will be in effect until 31 October. (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.9.20)

1st - Neither mandatory nor subject to fines. The use of face masks on public roads becomes a civi duty.

1st September :  covid-19 cases. 86 new positives:  72 Santiago, 14 Fogo.  (Governo de Cabo Verde)

1st - 26 Sal companies receive health safety certificates (RCV - 1.9.20) - Video Report - Hotel Odjo d Agua.

1st - Over 800 companies with 16,000 workers in lay-offs. (Sapo -1.9.20)

1st - Crisis Office meets today for a possible extension of the state of calamity in Santiago and Sal. The Crisis Office, created in the framework of combating the covid-19 pandemic, meets today in Praia to analyze the situation and possibly renew the state of calamity on the islands of Santiago and Sal, announced the Prime Minister. (Sapo - 1.9.20)

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