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News 2020 - Cape Verde - October

News 2020 - Cape Verde - October

News 2020 - Cape Verde - October

Cheryl Thomas - Thursday, October 08, 2020
News 2020 - Cape Verde - October

News 2020 - October - covid-19 situation in Cape Verde

News from Cape Verde - October 2020

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31st Oct - The Government must announce, this Saturday, 31, if the country will continue in a state of calamity in force or if it goes down to the state of contingency, removing a set of restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of Covid-19. (Opais - 3.10.20)

27th Oct - SAL - Espargos, 26 Oct. (Inforpress) -     Re-elected - Júlio Lopes is the big winner of the 2020 local elections in Sal, having won about 70 percent of the votes, (provisional data), defeating Albertino Mosso who was competing for PAICV and Aldirley Gomes, as Independent. (Inforpress 22.10.20)

27th - Travelling between the islands in October by boat, please note, things will change regarding tests required. (Blog by Amy Foreman)

23rd - Cape Verde goes to vote for the eighth time, on Sunday, October 25. There are 320 thousand voters in the 9 inhabited islands, 22 Municipalities. At the national level, a total of 65 candidates participate in these elections, 22 from the MpD, 22 from the PAICV, seven from the UCID, two from the PP (one in the municipality of Praia and one for the Municipal Assembly in Boa Vista) and another 12 independent candidates who compete for the city councils of Ribeira Grande (1), Santa Catarina (1), São Domingos (1), Tarrafal de São Nicolau (1), Sal (1), Tarrafal (2), Praia (4) and São Vicente ( 1). (Vatican News) https://www.vaticannews.va/pt/africa/news/2020-10/cabo-verde-vai-a-votos-pela-oitava-vez-no-domingo-25-de-outubro.html

16th - The Sal Hilton re-opens today, 18th October 2020. (no link).

16th - The newly built Santa Maria Health Centre opens today 16th October 2020. It is situated next to the Police Station in Santa Maria. (No link)

10th - covid-19 cases: Santiago 92 + 1 death, fire 8, São Vicente 1, Santo Antão 3.  (Governo de Cabo Verde - 10.10.20)

10th - BEACH USE: Announcement: Extension of frequency time for bathing areas of Sal Island from 12th Oct 2020.Following the need for periodic amendment of the bathing water area access and frequency regulation, through the evolution of the epidemiological situation of each island, the Porto Maritime Institute through the Port Capitanies determines, considering its bathing areas tasks: 1.Extending the frequency time of sea areas of Sal Island from 06:00 pm to 14:00 pm, starting October 12th 2020. 

9th - CV BORDERS - As of Monday 12th Oct 2020, technical scale operations and aircraft supply at national airports were also authorized, as well as the mooring or docking of ships, sailboats and freighters. However, the government explained, the arrival of tourists to Cape Verde will be gradual, because it depends on criteria that are imposed in the countries of origin of the tourists.(Opais - 9.10.20)

8th - According to TuriMagazine, the 4 international airports will be open from Monday 12th October....... awaiting Boletim Oficial for confirmation. A Negative PCR test will be a requirement for travel! (Turimagazine - 8.10.20)

8th - Covid-19 positive results: Santiago 80, Fire 7, São Vicente 5, Santo Antão 1.

7th - covid-19 positive results: Santiago 86, Fire 12, São Vicente 4 + 1 death, Sal 1, Boa Vista 2, Santo Antão 1 + 1 death.

6th - Government will move forward with the re-opening of airports for international flights. (Expresso das Ilhas - 6.10.20)

6th - covid-19 positive results: 68 Santiago, 7 Fire Fogo 1 death. 5 Saint Vincent, 4 Boa Vista. 1 Saint Nicholas

6th - Boa Vista High School closed for 10 days - teachers test positive for Covid-19. (Noticias do Norte - 6.10.20)

6th - Covid-19: Cape Verde negotiates financing with World Bank to vaccinate population. (Expresso das Ilhas - 6.10.20)

5th - positive results :  73 all on Santiago (+ 3 deaths).

5th - ERIS suspends 49 commercial establishments.(Noticias do Norte - 5.10.20)

4th - Inauguration of the “Vital Gate” temperature measurement equipment, warning about the mandatory use of masks, disinfection of hands and body using ozone against the covid-19 virus.  This equipment, which has already been successfully tested in Covid-19, will allow greater health security to the establishment. (No link)

4th - COVID 19: new cases in Cape Verde: 54 Santiago, 2 Fire, 1 São Vicente, 7 Boa Vista.

3rd - Covid-19-91 new positives: 84 Santiago, 2 Fire, 3 São Vicente, 2 São Nicolau

3rd - A security guard from a Minimercado, in Ilha do Sal, was shot in the head this Friday, 2 pm, around 7:30 pm, following an armed robbery at the commercial establishment where he works. (Opais - 3.10.20)

2nd - covid-19 positive results: 70 Santiago (+ 1 death), 3 Fire, 3 São Vicente, 1 Salt, 2 May. 

2nd - TAP, in partnership with the insurance company CHUBB, provides insurance to cover some costs resulting from infection by Covid-19. (Viagens - 2.10.20)

2nd - International donations to Cape Verde are expected to halve in 2021, according to the forecast of the State Budget proposal for next year, after a historical maximum of more than 77 million euros expected in 2020. (Noticias ao Minuto - 2.10.20)

2nd - World Bank to fund Cape Verde's prevention plan with 800,000 euros.(Expresso das Ilhas - 2.10.20)

2nd - Simplified lay-off regime extended until the end of December 2020. (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.10.20)

1st - 2020 - This year the government foresees a fall in the tourism sector that could reach 70% and a doubling of unemployment to values in the order of the 19% which, according to Olavo Correia, could mean the disappearance of about twenty thousand jobs. (Expresso das Ilhas - 1.10.20)

1st October - covid-19 results...... 83 cases and 1 death in Santiago. 10 Fire, 6 Saint Vincent, 1 Saint Anthony. 1 Saint Nicholas 1 Boa Vista 

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